Recruiters are overloaded with the huge number of cover letters they get every day. That is the reason why, if your cover letter has nothing original about it, there is a good chance that it won’t be read. You must then set yourself apart with a strong email: cover letter! Usually, a lot of those letters or emails are flat and boring. To put an end once and for all to all those tasteless cookie cutter cover letters, we have a few simple writing style techniques to help boost your mail.


  1. Be straightforward 

First and foremost, keep in mind that the first sentence of your cover letter is crucial. Therefore, you must learn to avoid beating about the bushes. You must quickly get into it. Many think that they need 3 or four sentences to give praises to the company before going in. Wrong! The hook of your cover letter must be powerful. If it isn’t, the recruiter will get tired of reading from the very beginning.


  1. Be careful of the style of your letter 

We said earlier that recruiters didn’t have time. Consequently, you must absolutely avoid having convoluted phrases in your cover letter. Prefer having a more fluid style therefore much easier for the recruiter to read.That will make your letter more attractive. It’s not necessary to have an over the top complicated writing style in your cover letter. If it is not clear and simple, it will simply be tossed away for the benefits of other ones.


  1. A cover letter is not a CV…

It is common to see uninspired candidates, to repeat in the cover letter what they have already written in the CV. It is far from being a good idea, because the cover letter must be seen as something that will make the recruiter choose between two candidates in other words to set them apart. A good CV is certainly a good thing but a good CV with a good cover letter is even better. It is in the letter that you will show that you are someone who has a vision of its profession. So say it! Talk skills, techniques, multitasking, leading skills, organization skills, methods, efficiency…


  1. choose a clear structure 

The structure of your cover letter is very important. If you want a strong letter then be careful. If done right, there is a great chance you will leave a good impression on the recruiter who will see you as someone consistent. If you want to have a simple and clear structure, you can choose to have a more traditional composition with a paragraph for every sentence. It will be set up this way:

Opening: where did you find this job offer?

-Motivation: why did you answer that job offer?

-Argumentation: why are you the perfect candidate?

Conclusion: Anticipate a future interview.