10 trades that did not exist 10 years ago

There are jobs that seem obvious to the younger generation, but they are not, did not exist ten years ago. It is a natural cycle that gives birth to new jobs while making others disappear. Thus, while some professions tend to disappear, others, on the contrary, have emerged in the last ten years, thanks in part to the development of the new technologies. According to the American forecasting organization Institute for the Future (IFTF), 85% of the professions that will be exercised in 2030 have not yet been created. Here are 10 trades that are appeared in the last decade…


1. The Big Data business

Big data architect, data scientist, chief data officer… The database market is at the origin of a large number of professions, which are highly sought-after today in start-ups and large companies. companies. Yet, in recent times, they were not on the agenda.


2. Chief happiness officer

Understand responsible for happiness in the company! It ensures the well-being of employees, their productivity and performance. It looks for solutions to make workers feel more fulfilled in their workplace.


3. Mobile Application Developer

The smartphone has become an indispensable tool, and thousands of applications are created every day. year to make our lives easier or distract us. IFAPME even offers a training course of developer of mobile applications for a two-year period.


4. VTC driver

Uber, Heetch, Kapten… “chauffeur-driven passenger cars” have almost supplanted cabs. traditional. The first applications were born in 2011 and have since been successful. increasing. The professions to which this new innovation has given rise have emerged recently.


5. Bicycle delivery man

Gone are the days of phone orders or drive passes: today, a single click on his smartphone or computer and your meal is delivered to your door in a few minutes. minutes.


6. Juicer

Just like delivery men, electric scooters have also been swarming in our cities for several years now. months. The juicer’s mission is to geolocate and recharge them.


7. Community manager

A true expert in social networks, he answers the questions of Internet users, creates spaces of exchanges and promotes the company and its products on the web. Most companies in have today.


8. Youtubeur

The 2000 generation knows them well and is very enthusiastic about them: Youtubeers are now a real craze. These content creators are now earning a living from videos, advertising and product placement.


9. Influencer

Solicited by brands for its notoriety, content or status, it influences the consumption habits of its community by promoting products via various platforms: Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat.


10. Web ergonomics

A little-known profession, but it is nevertheless the one in charge of optimizing the use of a website on a computer, tablet or mobile, by making its interface as easy to use and as pleasant as possible.


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