How to make your LinkedIn more attractive?

Everybody agrees on the fact that social networks are important for people who are looking for a job. They allow you to be visible, to let yourself be seen and to show out your personal and professional skills in order to attract recruiters. However, in order to get the best out of those tools, you must know how to get the maximum of potential out of them. We will explore different ways of making your LinkedIn more attractive.


What do job seekers need LinkedIn for?


If there is any social network that job seekers visit the most, it is definitely LinkedIn. This network is a “professional” social network that is very useful in job seeking. It allows job seekers to lay out in plain view their career path, or their training and activities. LinkedIn is perfect for getting more information about the people you will be talking to and display your own skills. It helps to efficiently reach out to future contacts for job seeking purposes or markets. A lot of job seekers manage to create a real universe online capable of putting their profiles on top of researches on google in fields where they major. Thanks to that network job seekers can also download their own C.V next to their profiles. It is therefore, possible to really give a lot of information to the recruiter who, on the other hand would feel suspicious to see a page with little information, myCVfactory creator Pauline Lahary tells us.


How to maximize your profile?


In order to fully take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer, it is crucial to first of all, work on the header of your profile. First, it is mandatory to put a picture, second, it has to be a professional one. LinkedIn is a digital webpage where everybody expect to see some media. Then, your page needs to come with the perfect title. To do that, you must either display your current job or choose a sentence that will perfectly summarize your skills. 

It is also recommended to put key words that are the most looked for on google.  According to Pauline Lahary creator of myCVfactory, it is a very lucrative technique. Last, From her opinion, it is helpful to pay attention to the summary of our professional path, to highlight our skills, our expertises and to give an insight of what we would like to do in life. It is about giving a real “pitch” that would make managers and recruiters want to contact you, she explains.


LinkedIn pulse: an efficient solution 


According to Pauline Lahary, creator of myCVfactory, it is recommended to put as much pictures and videos as possible, not to forget presentations and other links. LinkedIn gives the possibly to share some multimedia content in order to show your experiences off. On LinkedIn, we can also have access to a service named « LinkedIn Pulse ». It aims at allowing internet users to post articles about their area of expertise. Basically, it is therefore possible to join a community of experts or create a group or display our knowledge and our abilities. You must be a real « influencer »in you area of expertise. It is also a good way to make yourself seen. In short, it is all about how you present yourself on social media to maximize your chances of getting hired.