Considering outsourcing some of your currently internalized activities?
Talent2Africa recruits, organizes, and manages your dedicated team on a daily basis, mimicking the organization within your own company.
Whether the goal is cost optimization, focusing on your core business, or addressing a shortage of resources, Talent2Africa brings its expertise for successful outsourcing.
Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions positively impact your team’s productivity and project efficiency..

By choosing outsourcing with Talent2Africa, you benefit from an ultra-competitive cost/quality ratio, minimal time zone difference, the advantage of native French-speaking resources in Sub-Saharan Africa, and our proven technical expertise built on our pan-African HR DNA (access to the best talents).

What Talent2Africa offers you

Dedicated Remote Team
Reduction in Your Operating Costs
Qualified Native French-speaking Resources
Time Zone: Paris minus 1 hour
Ethical and Responsible Outsourcing
Quality Approach & Client Satisfaction

BPO Tech

Talent2Africa supports you part of or your entire IT department relocation to Sub-Saharan Africa.
We have a Digital Factory based in Dakar (Senegal), but we also assist our clients in the customized setup of IT teams in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) and Lagos (Nigeria).

Talent2Africa’s BPO Tech offering was created to assist all companies in outsourcing various digital tasks. We provide clients with flexible outsourcing tailored to their specific and ongoing needs.

Our BPO Tech offering brings together the optimal mix of talents, processes, and technologies to help our clients rethink their Tech organization through a more flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable operational model that fosters growth.
The Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa :
  • Access to talented and experienced Tech experts, native French speakers, as a solution to the shortage of Tech talents in Europe.
  • Talent2Africa’s proven expertise in identifying and screening the best tech profiles in the African continent allows us to recruit and provide our clients with competent and immediately operational tech teams.
  • Cost savings : Outsourcing Tech teams in Sub-Saharan Africa is significantly more cost-effective than hiring or training personnel in the French market or relying on Tech services companies (ESN).
What We Guarantee :
  • Custom staffing of Tech teams with all skills and technologies covered
  • Deployment of native French-speaking Tech engineers with a skill level at least equivalent to a French engineer
  • Turnover management
  • Option for dual project management (at the client’s location and/or within the Digital Factory)
  • Cost optimization
  • Compliance and ethics
  • Local HR contact overseeing team activity and ensuring team well-being at work

BPO Pre-sales & Telesales

Talent2Africa offers European companies the opportunity to outsource all or part of their sales functions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

BPO Pre-sales

Talent2Africa performs all telemarketing actions that will help you secure appointments for your sales team and close more transactions:
  • Lead generation
  • Processing and qualification of incoming leads
  • Scheduling targeted appointments
  • Market research : testing and measuring market interest for an offer/product
  • Sales support

BPO Telesales

Sedentary sales representatives – native French speakers – recruited for you by Talent2Africa take charge of sedentary sales actions to boost your turnover:
  • Telesales / Acquisition of new customers
  • Sales development for existing portfolio
  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Complaint management : analysis of customer dissatisfaction
  • Retention : targeted argumentation for customers wishing to cancel a subscription
  • Loyalty program
What We Guarantee :
  • Custom staffing of pre-sales and telesales teams
  • Deployment of native French-speaking sales collaborators with a skill level at least equivalent to a French salesperson in a similar market/product
  • Turnover management
  • Option for dual sales management (by the client and/or a local manager)
  • Cost optimization
  • Compliance and ethics
  • Local HR contact overseeing team activity and ensuring team well-being at work
Results :
  • Increase in the quantity and quality of leads
  • Access to higher-quality customer databases
  • Optimization of sales efforts leading to successful closures
  • Acquisition of new customers and increase in sales
  • Assurance of call quality and business relationship : we master the best practices of telesales
  • Implementation of processes that adhere to your guidelines, ethics, company values, product arguments, and call scenarios

BPO Admin

Talent2Africa enables you to reduce the processing cost of all time-consuming and repetitive tasks that are not the core business of your company but are nevertheless essential.

We specialize in invoicing, debt collection, payroll, and other administrative tasks.

What We Guarantee :
  • Native French-speaking collaborators
  • Familiarity with the client’s ERP by our resources
  • Reduced fixed costs and optimized variable costs
  • Handling of customer/supplier relationships
  • All necessary technical solutions for process optimization
  • Outsourcing of non-strategic administrative tasks
  • Significant reduction in operating costs associated with these tasks
  • Professionalization of the handling and management of these administrative activities

BPO Customer Service

Talent2Africa offers a turnkey solution for Customer Service / Customer Support, handling both front office and back office activities.

Our customer support team assists your clients in case of issues by handling inbound calls and managing all your digital channels.

What We Guarantee :
  • 24 / 7 / 360 Customer Service
  • Native French-speaking collaborators, if necessary, multilingual
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Multichannel processes (emails, letters, calls, social media, chat),
  • Coverage of all stages of the customer lifecycle
  • All necessary technical solutions for process optimization
  • By outsourcing management, you reduce costs associated with operating an internal customer service: training, hiring, and personnel management costs.
  • You benefit from 24/7/360customer support, providing assistance to your clients at any time, thereby improving customer satisfaction.
  • The flexibility and scalability of the service allow businesses to adapt to demand fluctuations. Resources can be adjusted as needed, effectively managing peaks in call volume or support requests.
  • By handling all front office and back office activities related to customer service, Talent2Africa ensures comprehensive coverage of the customer lifecycle. This means that the company can track and manage customer interactions from the first contact to problem resolution, strengthening customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Benefit from the best practices of Business Process Outsourcing

  • Multi-disciplinary expertise: Tech, Sales, Admin & Customer Service
  • Native French-speaking and multilingual resources
  • Optimal mix of cost optimization & ethical outsourcing

Talent2Africa the leading multi-country HR expert on the continentt.

The digital outsourcing service offered by Talent2Africa has solved my challenge of qualified IT resources and perfectly meets my needs for the French market.Cherif DIOUF, Associate Director SOL&SOFT Consulting

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