Why choose EOR solutions with Talent2Africa ?

  • Rely on experts for all accounting and legal obligations: the company entrusts a team of multidisciplinary experts (accountants, legal professionals, payroll managers, HR professionals) with the management of its employees, freeing itself from any administrative constraints.
  • Control your payroll costs: we provide personalized advice to our clients for the best legal and tax structuring to optimize the gross employer cost of recruited resources.
  • Delegate legal responsibility: the contracted employee becomes an employee of Talent2Africa on behalf of the company. The company using payroll solutions is thus exempt from any legal responsibility towards the contracted employee.
  • Be locally represented by an operational team without having to create a subsidiary in the country concerned: payroll solutions allow companies to be present and active in an African country, avoiding the costs, delays, and administrative burden associated with the creation and management of a subsidiary.

The key points of this EOR solution

When providing our full-range tailor made payroll services, we are confident to meet your highest expectations on full accountability, legislation compliance, top security and desired employee experience. Below you can find the overview of what is included in general but be sure that any service can be added to meet the specific needs of your organization.

  • Data collection and payroll calculation: Take-over and revision of all input data and pertinent information in order to process an accurate payroll calculation, gross-to-net calculation of all employee deductions, taxes and net salaries in compliance with the statutory requirements; calculation of off-cycle payments

  • Administration of benefits and bonuses: Calculation of benefits and bonuses based on provided schemes, such as medical or life insurance, pension plans, vacation time, sick leave and maternity leave

  • Payslips distribution and payment administration: Generation of payslips in PDF files, distributed by email and saved on the cloud; preparation of payment orders and distribution of payments to employees and local authorities

  • Hotline support : Handling of payroll inquiries through email or phone calls

  • Statutory reporting: Regular payroll-related statutory reporting and filing to local authorities, such as the Labour Office, social and health insurance companies, statistics offices and other

Case Study

French ETI (Intermediate-sized enterprise)

Is EOR solutions suited to your needs?

Are you ready to handle local reporting and administrative constraints in one or more African countries?
Are you a labor law specialist in the countries where you want to hire?
Are you ready to be legally responsible for employees and bear the risk of labor disputes?
Are you equipped to manage multi-currency international payments?
Can you wait several months before having an operational team in the concerned country?
Can you wait several months if you want to withdraw from the country?
If you answered affirmatively to most of these questions, consider creating entities.
If the answer to most of these questions is no/uncertain, payroll solutions are your solution.

3 reasons to consider T2A's payroll services

Cost Control
Cost Control
Legal Compliance
Legal Compliance
For 2 years, Talent2Africa supported Greentec as an EOR (employer of record) provider (payroll solutions) for 3 employees working for us on a project in Senegal. It was a fruitful collaboration, and we appreciated the professionalism of Talent2Africa for the entire service delivered.Emmanuel Bocquet, Senior Venture Builder at GreenTec Capital

A proven mastery of legal, tax, and accounting issues

  • Onboarding within 48 hours
  • Employee records accessible on the cloud
  • Multilingual multidisciplinary experts

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