Like a love break-up, a dismissal is a painful event that is very often badly experienced. When this happens, the dismissed person’s morale is naturally at half mast. They are demoralized, even demotivated. They lose the desire to undertake new things, preferring to spend their days in bed. Some employees even reach the point of depression. But it’s not the end of the world. You have to take control of your life to move forward. It’s not easy, but it’s quite possible. Here we offer solutions to help you get back on your feet after a layoff…


1. Take your time

Like any painful event, dismissal is a difficult thing. It takes time to digest it and change course. You have to be realistic because this kind of situation is not something that can be forgotten in a snap of the fingers or in a few days. No one will blame you for feeling bad because you’ve lost your comfort zone, your colleagues and your bearings. One of the attitudes to adopt in this case is to take the time to “grieve” and not to rush into anything. Take your time and then move on. Life goes on …


2. Talk about it around yo

Confidentiality drowns out pain, as they say. Nothing could be further from the truth… After a layoff, there is no point in brooding over your anger and despair alone in your corner. You have to go out and talk about your grief to the people around you. This will greatly reduce your pain and take your mind off it. You can also share your feelings with a specialist coach or simply confide in your friends and family. They are the best remedy in your recovery process. Listening to them is an invaluable gift that will comfort you.


3. Don’t be too hard on yourself…

In case of dismissal, you don’t have to be very hard on yourself by blaming yourself. Experiencing a series of negative feelings is certainly understandable, but try to regulate them so that you don’t get depressed. Rather than being too hard on yourself, accept your situation while telling yourself that it is normal. It doesn’t make sense to spend hours thinking about how and why you got to this point. Move forward and think about your future and your future career ambitions.


4. What Doesn’t Kill Makes You Stronger

To something bad is good, as the saying goes. Tell yourself that there is an opportunity to seize in your situation of despair and that not everything is negative. You didn’t like your dismissal, but still try to see the positive side of things. As difficult as it may seem, try to see the opportunities in this unpleasant situation. Will the career change you’ve always dreamed of happen now? Will it be an opportunity to retrain? Develop new projects. You can only recover from such an experience, and you may be ready to get the job of your dreams!