Entrepreneurship: the secrets to success

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Entrepreneurship is rightfully seen as the only way, really, to overcome the alarming issue of unemployment especially now with lots of young people and African people in particular who are constantly worried about losing their jobs. This situation is no longer a theory but a reality without a doubt. The majority of the African countries are in fact viewing entrepreneurship as the key to economic growth. It is still generating high returns for business owners. In addition to that, experts believe that it actually possess great undeveloped potential that could lead the continent to its next  stage of development. However, are we all made for entrepreneurship or what at least are the qualities that we need to become a great businessman? We will try to answer that question.


Managing its own business requires real efforts and real sacrifices. That is the reason why, one of the essential secrets to a successful entrepreneurship is determination. It is vital in the sense that many obstacles that the entrepreneurs will have to overcome represent on their own a reason for them to give up or get discouraged. Therefore the entrepreneur must show determination in all his projects. Once he made the decision to create his own company he must have a clear idea of his goals and how he will achieve them. He must be able to turn an obstacle into an opportunity because someone who is determined will never find a reason not to move forward.

Accepting the fact that you won’t get profit at first…

If some very recent businesses call it a quite most of the time,it’s due to the fact it is not that easy in the beginnings. The clients will not be lining up right away and you could have some loans to pay back. The main word to go through that situation would be patience. Therefore the entrepreneur should not put his focus on profits at the beginning. He must rely on some savings because he will not necessarily make money at first. He must have in mind that even if the beginnings are never easy, at some point the money will follow if he is determined and managed to have enough clients for his business.

Having a creative mind…

Being original by avoiding to get stuck in the never ending repetitions of what everybody else is doing is an essential secret for a business owner who wants to last. It is what Maurice Zeldman says here “ the business that will survive tomorrow is the one that promote creativity today”. Because of that, the entrepreneur must have a bit of creativity so he can find some new ideas that would help uplift the business. It will help him get ahead of the competition, find unexploited markets or attract new clientele.

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