Africa reaches high standards in terms of providing good career opportunities, social life and business, which attract professionals from around the world.

Innovation and creativity in African business are considered key elements for success. These parameters are an asset that requires, however, a good framework which is key, to hire talents for companies on the continent. Indeed, providing a favorable job environment is also the big challenge for many companies based in Africa. This has improved a lot with the big investments in the continent.

Workplace realities

This is the main anxiety of professionals who would like to pursue their career in a company in Africa. The image (often negative) of Africa through the media has a lot to do with it. However, many African cities offer a similar social and professional framework, or sometimes even better, compared to the rest of the world.

In reality, the economic dynamism in the region and its important resources attracted giants from around the world (companies, investors, international institutions). Entrepreneurship in Africa is reaching new heights today and innovation is at the heart of this upsurge.

The race for infrastructure provides top social and professional frameworks, and as a result, working in a company in Africa offers big advantages over career perspectives, more responsibilities, salaries and other advantages compared to the cost of living. (cheaper when compared to the west) etc.

Of course, there is still much to be done, but the desire to modernize and upgrade takes shape everywhere in the continent, as much in relation to the digital sector as by talent acquisition for companies and startups.

Recruitment in Africa, what realities?

An open secret: There is a great need for qualified professionals for companies based in Africa. But where to find them and which sectors and companies are recruiting? Two questions in the minds of candidates and recruiters, due to a persisting lack of visibility and skill gap in the hiring process. Moreover, there are thousands of offers for rewarding careers awaiting. Africa is under construction and is using its position as the heart of economic globalism to generate opportunities of all kinds.

Today, with digital, new tools are being created to  help talents and headhunters find each other. That is the mission of Talent2africa (recently named by Facebook and Techcrunch, one of the top 15 startups in sub-Saharan Africa), a recruitment platform that offers more visibility to job opportunities across Africa while helping recruiters to find rare and skilled candidates, at a lower cost.

Investments, what realities?

The overall volume of investment in the African continent is considerable, compared to the last decades and despite the global crisis, tensions etc. The big paradox is that Africa seems to be both stigmatized and coveted. But in reality, the continent offers business guarantees, profitability and sustainability more than anywhere else, as evidenced by the latest reports on Doing Business by the World Bank Group. Africa is a popular destination for investors. However, the gap is still large in the digital, infrastructure sectors etc., compared to other regions of the world. This gives international companies additional leeway to better expand and create wealth.