The International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8 was an opportunity for candidates and recruiters to meet, under the leadership of Talent2Africa.

To celebrate this Day, T2A organized 10 minutes job-dating sessions exclusively for women and by women, to promote direct, framed and successful exchanges for our women job seekers and recruiters.

Several sectors of activity were involved: hotels, pharmaceutical industry, new technologies, services, etc.

All the candidates that took part of the job dating sessions had been pre-qualified by T2A. They were required to have at least one recruitment need in the immediate or short-medium term. 

The Pullman hotel in Dakar-Plateau  was the venue of the job-dating event (March 8, 2018), held in parallel with the AICY program, sponsored by AFRICAISCALLINGYOU.

About 40 candidates with different skills and backgrounds have been interviewed by recruiters, including Sokhna Diop, HR manager at INTOUCH, a pan-African service company specializing in the transformation of access to payment and digital services in Africa:


“We are pleasantly surprised by these top level interviews that Talent2Africa has made possible. The Job-dating is a success, because in France for example, there are hundreds of candidates who attend such professional meetings and the recruiter’s tasks becomes more difficult. While here, Talent2Africa has achieved quality sourcing. We spoke to talented, enthusiastic candidates with profiles that fit our needs”.

“As a manager of a company having frequent recruitment needs, I am satisfied with this job dating initiative. We saved time and met good candidates, in a beautiful atmosphere “

From Paris, Oumou Sakho returned to Dakar 5 months ago. The new returnee has a very rich professional background, she graduated from French universities (Amiens and Paris), has an MBA in Scientific Marketing and a Master in Neuroscience. This is how she reacted following her interview with the multinational company SANDOZ.

“It’s really a great initiative from Talent2Africa. This job-dating is different from the local recruiting mode. It’s professional, efficient and convivial. The interview went very well.

Same opinion for Oumou Kalsoume Gaye, specialized in marketing of services, holder of a Master 2 from an university in Dakar and Aminata Latouffe, another commercial expert holding a Master 2, marketing and communication at the ISM of Dakar:

“This is the first time I’ve been involved in a job-dating and it’s a great discovery. Great atmosphere. My interview with INTOUCH went well and I will keep my fingers crossed “, says Oumou.

For Aminata, this type of meeting with recruiters must be held as often as possible. “I enjoyed both the interview and the setting, it’s a lot less stressful.”

Nigerien Raina Traoré also appreciated the Job-dating. Holder of a Master 2 in marketing-communication, she testifies: “I am currently looking for opportunities and this job-dating is so timely. I am glad I made new professional acquaintances besides my interview that went well with Accor Hotels.

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