A few years ago, many of the jobs that exist today had not yet been created. If you think that this dynamic of the birth of new trades will stop, you may be disappointed. Between robots, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, the trades of the future are knocking at our doors. Observers have finished convincing us that millions of jobs will be replaced by machines. At the same time, we will witness the birth of professions that will seem to come straight out of a science fiction movie. We are taking stock with you on some of the jobs of the future that do not yet exist.


1. Space travel guide

This is a profession that will emerge in the future as space tourism takes off. It’s not a bad idea to consider a career as a space tour guide. You’ll be responsible for accompanying wealthy visitors throughout their flight and designing the most exciting itineraries using your knowledge of the aircraft used in orbit.


2. Asteroid Miner

Digging asteroids to find certain minerals is an option for the future. This will address the scarcity of resources on the planet by exploiting those in space. This high-risk drilling will generally be undertaken by self-contained machinery, but in some cases, human miners will be called in as backup to ensure smooth operations.


3. Brain Content Manager

Science is dynamic and continually surpasses itself. In the future, it is envisioned that we will find ways to access your thoughts and memories through implants that link your brain to a computer. This new medical possibility will open the door to paid services to improve memory and even revise your dreams. Brain content managers will also be able to help a person sort through their memories and make a movie of their life for those around them.


4. Technology Ethics Counsellor

The role of robots and artificial intelligence has been widely debated. All the same, it is imperative to reflect on ethical rules so that the use of these new technologies does not come at the expense of human beings. In addition to teaching machines to decode the subtleties of our language, experts will have to confirm to the public that the necessary safety beacons have been put in place. The birth of the profession of technology ethics counsellor is then highly conceivable.


5. UAV manager

Companies like Amazon are planning to acquire fleets of thousands of drones to speed up their delivery service. Managers specialized in the purchase, programming, maintenance and supervision of these motorized swarms will therefore be in high demand on the job market.


6. Privacy manager

As smart devices become the target of an increasing number of cyber attacks, solutions are needed to protect private information. Online privacy advisors will be in demand. This expertise will also be valued by businesses and governments.


7. End-of-life coach

After the life coach, get ready for the end of life coach! The population is aging and this large cohort will need sensitive and empathetic counsellors. They will guide them in their choice of medical treatments and explore with them how to live their last days to the fullest.