Each job posting corresponds with a certain profile, certain criterion that recruiters are looking for. Therefore, if you send your resume for an accountant’s job, know that it will be in your best interest to put the focus on the important assets that you possess. Remember that one day you might just have a key role to play in that company’s finances. As an accountant, you are responsible for the maintenance of  the accounts and that career calls for precision, a strong sense of expertise in terms of analysis and synthesis. In this article, we will bring the light on what recruiters will be looking for in an accountant’s resume.

A sense of synthesis, an essential quality for a good accountant to have…

As an accountant, you are usually known to have a good sense of synthesis. Your recruiter will expect to see that naturally appear in your resume. With this in mind, the layout and the length of your resume could be subject to several interpretations. That is at least according to

Sophie Durand, senior consultant for the specialised firm Fed Finance in Toulouse. “We still have too many resumes that fail to deliver a proper structure and that does not benefit the person applying for an accountant’s job”, also comments Bruno Fadda, associate director at Robert Half France. So, unless you are an accountant with a 10 years experience resume, the resume of an accountant must all fit in one page. Also, you must write your resume with clear parts, precise dates, a consistent font throughout the document and a good alignment of all the components. The person who will read it will be therefore tempted to let you manage the accounts of the company.

Make mention of your specialization on the header…

When a recruiter receives the resume of an accountant, he should always be happy to see on his header the type of specialization he has, like for example if he is : a general accountant, a payroll service provider, an accountant assistant, an account receivable specialist, …”that title can come with certain skills like software mastering, ability to speak another language or to know about other standards” says Bruno Fadda

Work experience : size up the different areas when you operated 

As an accountant, It is also important to put in your resume the size of the companies where you worked at and the areas that you managed. The same is true for workforce number, the revenue of the company, the number of branches where you were involved in…For a general accountant profile in charge of closing accounts, what has been your first action: an audit? inventory reports, tax reports? According to Bruno Fadda, “ in the work experience section of your resume, it would be important to size up the different areas of operation”. he also adds that” the candidate can also mention if he has been part of specific projects : a new software implementation, renewal of certain procedures.”

Qualification: A 2 year degree minimum in Accounting and Management

It is highly recommended to have in the qualification section, the latest degree you have earned related to accounting, then scroll down until the high school diploma. The recruiter expects a minimum of a 2 year degree in accounting and management or a level 3 French diploma “Diplôme de comptabilité et de gestion (DCG)”, equivalent to a bachelor degree in accounting.

What about the skills in using computer tools? 

A good accountant should not be able to live without computer tools. Those are important in that profession. That is the reason why it is highly recommended to make mention of each and every accounting related software that you master : SAP, Ciel, JD Edwards, Oracle…  Excel is also a must. If you are proficient in macros, Recherche v functions, pivot tables management, do not hesitate to write it down on your resume. It will set you apart from the competition