If you have any type of interest in recruitment process, you should know by now that a lot have changed. The birth of a new paradigm. One that values or takes into consideration some aspects of the life of the candidate, something that never mattered before. The same is happening with non professional competence that became not only essential but also very important part of the resume of the candidate.

Lots of companies admit that they are looking for people with personality. And that is something that just can’t work with a recruitment model that only relies on skills and diplomas. Apart from what you can do, what you actually are represents an important information for your employer nowadays.

This rather new approach means that recruiters will not focus solely on the diplomas anymore but also on the non professional skills. Which simply means that the “interests” section on your resume is crucial because it says a lot about your personality. 

You better not belittle that section, considered most of the time as a style clause, when you write your resume. Today, lots of companies actually commit to base their judgement on non professional skills.

Consequently, Allianz launched a general call among its 11.000 partners as a part of a campaign called “Allianz got talents”. The main goal of the executives of that company was to allow partners to see each other in an aspect different from the professional’s one. “More than 60 volunteers, writer, painter, photographer, singer, kite champion, acrobats shared their passion via the dedicated platform. It generated more than a thousand posts from excited staff members”, said Charlotte Guy-Duquesne, Allianz HR development Director, Talent and Diversity  Management.

Following a big internal consultation, Allianz noticed some big expectations in terms of workplace well being and social connection creation. It is mostly why the initiative was launched.

In any case, we can’t help but notice that a great number of companies have based their recruiting process on non professional skills.” Technical and professional skills are still very important however it is your attitude and your soft skills that sets you apart”, added Charlotte Guy-Duquesne.

The “interests” section that we can find in almost all resumes is something that matter for more and more of the recruiters looking to find talents but also authentic personalities.

Therefore the “interests” section  is no longer a formality but a way for recruiters to find abilities and qualities in candidates and also risk taking capacities, creative minds. So many qualities that could be beneficial to the company

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