It is undenial now. It goes without saying that what is commonly known as soft skills are getting recruiters very excited. Soft skills refers to the attitude of the candidate as opposed to hard skills which are about technical skills.

Recruiters have given so much importance to this type of skill in comparison to technical skills and degrees that it is on its way to break down all the traditional perception of recruitment. Right now, recruiters are more and more relying on soft skills to do their hiring. However it would be over exaggeratd to solely depend on this trend because technical skills are still the basis of recruitment. It would be difficult to see someone get hired based only on his attitude with no consideration given to his technical skills.

Either way, soft skills have became a determining criteria in the hiring process for some years now.  Thus, a survey showed that 62% of recruiters could hire a candidate based mostly on his soft skills.

This reality is even more true in digital marketing. In that field , 72% of recruiters emphasize on soft skills when hiring a candidate. But what about the ways recruiters could spot the soft skills of the candidate?

Soft skills are, actually,noticeable in the CV of the candidates but recruiters can only find out about them during an interview. For that reason, interviews whether they are done in person or via video constitute a good way for recruiters to have a clear idea about the psychological skills of the candidate and therefore find the best ones. Thus, the goal of an interview is to find out about the attributes the worker possesses that would make him be a co-worker capable of progressing in the work environment of the company.

This last few years, soft skills have been so popular among recruiters that some human ressources professionals got to the points of saying that they have caught up with hard skills.

Nowadays, the quality recruiters are the most looking for are listening skills (62% of surveyed people), independence (58%) and teamwork (58%). Managers also expect a certain reliability in addition to the 3 previous ones.

It is thus crucial for job seekers to not only rely on their technical skills. Quite to the contrary they should fully develop their soft skills.