Finding qualified human resources is sometimes a big challenge for local and international companies operating in Africa. To support the development of these companies, the contribution of skilled workers is more than necessary.

In this context, headhunting is sometimes a challenging exercise for recruitment specialists. They must find candidates who know how to respond to both job requirements and sociocultural realities.

Added to this is the skill gap in certain domains and evolving professions, thanks to technology. As everywhere, the job market in Africa turns more digital and creates new professions and needs. Candidates must be both multi-skilled and show adaptability to the latest digital developments.

The middle-top management branch is where the recruitment needs is felt the most, according to some specialists. At this level, many senior management positions are waiting to be filled in the various local and international companies.

But how to face the skill gap by attracting top talents, knowing that most of them already occupy positions? Some good profiles are interested in careers in Africa, but have many questions about career advantages, the professional and social environment, etc.


To address these issues that concern both recruiters and candidates, some recruitment specialists opt for an inclusive solution: “social recruitment”, with the digital in the service of humanity.

At Talent2Africa, for example, the solution is simple and effective. Anytime in the platform, companies can cultivate a pool of competent candidates with specialized expertise, from around the world and in particular from the African diaspora. This not only to respond to immediate needs, but also to anticipate medium and long-term recruitment needs.

These candidates with rich experiences in large companies, are connected with employers on the continent, as part of a recruitment service which is simple, transparent, effective and less expensive. Headhunting is becoming more democratized.

In the T2A pool of candidates, there are many profiles such as Engineers or Senior Managers in various fields such as Sales, the Construction industry, Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, extractive industries, new digital professions, etc. These candidates provide companies with a significant advantage thanks to their international experience and interest in putting their talents to work for companies across Africa.

This pool of qualified candidates interested in opportunities in Africa offers more choices to meet the very important recruitment needs on the continent, if we refer to the PWC study which reveals that 90% of CEOs in Africa are facing recruitment issues (Annual PWC Study, 18th Global Annual CEO Survey).