It is a clear fact now that there is a thin line between professional life and personal life. Needless to say that, setting apart work relationships and private matter is, in deed, a hard task to handle even though we wish it wasn’t. The type of relationship we have developed with the company we are working in can shape our perception of the company itself.

The fact that, for example, a job seeker would see his job application rejected or not taken seriously could result in him feeling frustrated and to the company losing a potential client or consumer. Either companies don’t realise what they are doing or they just don’t take it into consideration. It is however something that shouldn’t be neglected.

Some serious studies showed just how big the issue really is. It led to the surprising conclusion that a dissappointed candidate is potentially a lost client. In fact, most of the surveyed candidates admit that their experience as candidates had an impact on them as consumers. The candidate experience during a potential recruitment can have some real consequences on the overall image of the company. A job application that has not been handle accordingly could change the way the candidate sees the company as a consumer and that wouldn’t be good for the business.

Specialists that gave some thoughts to the question came to the conclusion that HR and marketing became a one thing that cannot be separated. As a result, the company is obligated to take into consideration the candidate experience or else it will tarnish its reputation or even have clients turning their backs on them.

Today, a lot of companies send automatic responses to their different candidates. It is certainly a move to the right direction however it is still not enough because this impersonal format gives to the candidate the impression that he didn’t really get a feedback. Some specialists suggest more personalized systematic emails that would be able to explain to the candidate why he was not a good fit for the job. There are many ways to explain why an application has been rejected. It could be because of a lack of experience, a position that is already filled etc.

Either way, an application with no response can have a negative impact on the way the candidates see the company. Try your best to handle the situation the best way possible.

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