Despite the numerous measures established by law to make companies that practise it, stop the use of mental harassment, this phenomenon is still tolerated in a lot of businesses in Africa. It is important for employees to be well prepared to deal with this issue. Here are some crucial methods to do so…

1.Keep believing in you

It is important to do our best to not lose faith in ourselves when we are facing a situation of psychological harassment. It is not always easy, but it is possible as long as you have control over your emotions. You must adopt a professional conduct and be serein. This attitude is necessary if you do not want to be affected by the stressful behavior or your employer or superior. Do not let the feeling of guilt get over you head. Just tell yourself that you disagree with someone as you would with anyone else in everyday’s life. Don’t let anything throw you off. Keep doing your job perfectly. Maybe you are mistaking your employer’s behavior for harassment. It might not be it actually…Do not hesitate to engage in an adult conversation. You might just realise that you were wrong and that the signs you thought were proof of harassment were actually not.


  1. Go to the next level

You initiated a conversation but it did not pay off at the end. You are now 100% sure that the small occasional attacks that you perceived as harassment were actually it. It is time to adopt a more defensive behavior. Don’t keep it to yourself because it might eat you up. If you work in a company with a HR department for example, you can talk to the superior about it. Technically they should have all the tools to handle that situation. If not, talk to other people who might be able to help you.Share you anxiety, so you can at least get it off your chest.

If you happen to have some colleagues who are going through the same situation like you, talk to them about it. Try your best to collect any proof of that psychological harassment. It is not easy, obviously, because psychological harassment is mainly based on a sneaky and insidious verbal and non-formal behavior. Build a file with as much evidences as possible.: emails, texts, doctor prescriptions, pictures. Carefully keep them in case you have to go to court.


  1. Think about yourself, Leave your job if needed…


If things stay the same despite all the efforts you are making, consider leaving your job for the sake of your mental health and future career. This extreme solution is not always easy, but it is however the best. There is no point in staying somewhere where you are leaving a psychological hell, start looking for a new job right now. However, whether it is a resignation or a termination on a mutual agreement, don’t rush into an early departure, take the time to mature.

if for example, your manager has been pushing you to the limit, there might be a chance that he accepts to let you go on a mutual agreement. If not then, consider quitting because it is a matter of your well being and your sanity. Get back on your feet and find joy again in your daily work routine, by all means.