It is on. The war of talents have officially started. It is not just some speculation anymore, but a genuine reality, around the world. This last few years, the lack of talents has reached a new peak. Employers have been fighting over getting the best profiles on a daily basis  in order to create added value.

Digital and engineering professions are by far the most concerned by this phenomenon. The 2018 edition of the IESF national enquiry- Engineering and Scientist society of France- shows that in france engineers are paid 17% higher than other executives.

it is urgent for all businesses to look for solutions to attract and keep the rare profiles that are in the job market, because they are an important driver of changes in a business place. But how to really do that? Here are some solutions…

Create a new way of hiring 

The time when candidates had to approach the recruiter is long gone now because nowadays it is the recruiter who is in a position when he has to attract the candidate because of the undergoing issue of lack of talents. There are many ways that exist that allow recruiters to do that by interacting with their potential hires. We have the social media for example and chatbots, online forums, joboards, live chats, to name a few. Recruiters who are seeking talents do not hesitate to go as far as creating contents or appealing events for potential hires, to step out of the formal classic hiring method.

Offer an attractive salary

A good salary compensation is certainly the main factor that would make a candidate choose a company from the get go whatever that company is. However, one can’t help but admit that a high fixed or gross salary doesn’t necessarily mean that it is appealing. Therefore,  considering the fact that there is a big hunt for latents, it would be better for companies to be on the top of their game and highlight all their benefit package which would include the number of day off, reduction in working hours, interest and involvement, the creation of a labor union and of any tax-efficient package allowing you to prepare your future. All those benefits will have your company seem attractive to the talents.

Make your company become a real great place to work

A work environment is very crucial for the worker. We noticed that , armchairs and foosballs are now parts of the  companies and that it thanks to the influence of startups. Even better, private gym clubs for the sole use of workers are being the standard in majority of companies. All those innovations are proof of how important is a nice working environment for future colleagues. It is even more important for the young generation. Basically, if as a business you need to be on top of the game considering the talent’s war, the working environment you offer is not something that should be taken lightly.