Giving a good impression to the recruiter during the more than important process of a job interview is one of the biggest challenge of a candidate. The first impression of the recruiter is crucial because it has a direct impact on the final decision.
Beyond some basic rules like coming on time, wearing decent clothes, avoiding a language that is too familiar, it is also very important to avoid certain slips of the tongue. In order to do that, the following sentences are to ban during a job interview.

“I could not stand my former manager”…

If you and you former boss were not friends, you can mention it, but when you talk about it, do not let any type of anger transpire. Don’t use aggressive words during an interview. It could cost you a lot, because, of course, what you say might not resonate well on the ears of the employer as he could identify himself as your former boss. Be vague and put your emotions on the side.

“No, I don’t have any question.”

At the end of the interview, it is quite common for the recruiter to ask to the candidate if he has any question or if he would like to have any more clarifications on something. Do not let that opportunity to have a discussion go, especially knowing that recruiters really appreciate it as they want to check if you have a real interest in the job position or the company. Use that moment to show your motivation and your desire to work with your future employer. In that very moment, saying that you don’t have any question could be seen as proof of a lack of interest or commitment.

“I don’t have any weakness”

One of the most common question to ask , and that is something very popular among recruiters is “what are your weaknesses”? Giving an objective answer to such a question seems hard to do, because nobody wants to show his worse sides. The goal of the recruiter is to see how you talk about yourself. He will therefore focus more on how you say things, your overall consistency, rather than what you really say. As a consequence, do not ever say “I don’t have any weakness”. Preferably, try to talk about a weakness that never had an impact on your job.

“I already booked my vacations”

It might occur that your vacation date or any other trip you wanted to take, coincided with the day you were supposed to start your new job. Try not to mention it during the job interview because it could make them think that you have demands before even having the opportunity to show your skills. It is better to wait until the hiring process is almost done before you talk about it.

“How soon will I get a promotion?”

You can’t ask that question either because it could give the impression that you have no patient and want to rush into things. You can however ask the recruiter about career development opportunities within the company in the short and long term. It will show that you want to go a long way with the company.