With plenty of candidates coming to have a job interview, the recruiter will obviously set his heart on the one that will give him the best impression. That is the reason why, beyond the skills, the first impression the recruiter gets to have about you is very determining on your chances to get hired. As a matter of fact some HR specialists agree on the fact most of the time, it only takes 10 minutes for a potential hire to win over the recruiters. That goes to say how the first minutes of the face face meeting can be determining on the outcome of the job interview. Reason why it is important to know the secrets to giving the best impression from the very beginning.

Do not be late…

There is nothing that could tarnish more the image of the candidate than coming late at the job interview. That behavior could give to the recruiter the impression that you are not interested or too lax. It could be viewed as a lack of a sense of responsibility or of commitment. Therefore it will benefit you to be a ahead of any unpredictable situation like traffic for example so you don’t get late. Getting there actually early will not do you wrong. You will be able to use the extra time to go over your CV, t to pull yourself together by working on your breathing, check your outfit.

Pay attention to your body language…

It is no secret that you don’t only communicate with words but also with acts. Even better, according to some specialists 56 % of the messages we want to send are delivered with gestures that can say a lot about our personality. Paying attention to your body language is therefore crucial. A firm hand shake and a real smile are examples of a good body language communication. Once you crossed the hand shake step, you have to adopt the position of a natural and confident person and at the same time be calm and maintain an eye contact with the person you are speaking to. Basically you need to remember to make sure your haircut, your nails and outfit are neat.

Know about everything that is on your CV

It is quite common for a candidate to not know exactly what is on the CV and give evasive answers when the recruiter wants more information about the person standing in front of him. Obviously it will reduce the chances of having a successful interview especially when you are facing a person perspective person. It is a clear that the way you talk about your experience and skills shouldn’t be taken lightly. The best way to be successful is to practice telling your CV outloud and talk about your experience with the help of some examples. You should be able to explain every part of the CV. Actually there are a lot of things that could make the employer wants to hire. However those elements still remain crucial.