The requirement for a letter of recommendation is more common among students who want to enter a university or college. However, this letter is not excluded from the recruitment process. It is true that in terms of recruitment, resumes and cover letters are the most requested, but there is nothing to prevent you from including a letter of recommendation with your application. Many job seekers don’t think about it, and yet, they have everything to gain by doing so…


1. The letter of recommendation: an effective way to reassure the recruiter


As a job seeker, if you can reassure your recruiter, you will have done the hardest part. As headhunter Virginie Granier points out, “a recruiter needs to be reassured.” Therefore, a letter of recommendation can be a great idea if it comes from someone who has worked with you in a professional setting. If such a person bears a positive testimonial about you, your chances of reassuring your recruiter and getting your job will only increase. “A letter of recommendation written by a professor after successful studies, by an employer after a summer job or a successful internship, can highlight your personality, your soft kills. It’s a differentiating factor that should not be overlooked,” says Virginie Granier.


2. A letter of recommendation highlights you


If your former employers agree to write a cover letter for you, it means that your skills can be predicted. A letter of recommendation thus puts you in the spotlight. It confirms your skills and experience. Often there are many statements and mentions on your CV and during the interview. Without a letter of recommendation, the recruiter may doubt it because he has never practiced you. This letter, even if you are not asked, is then a real asset. Moreover, at the end of an interview, do not hesitate to inform your recruiter that you have a letter of recommendation at his disposal. Offer to give it to him/her. Likewise, in each of your motivational emails, do not hesitate to provide a letter of recommendation.


3. Mark your difference by submitting a letter of recommendation


Contrary to what many people think, a letter of recommendation can indeed influence the choice of recruiters. Virginie Granier sees it above all as an additional tool in the final decision-making process, just like a personality test, for example. This seemingly innocuous document allows the candidate to stand out from the crowd by having something more. It can thus make the difference in a shortlist. However, it should be specified that it cannot replace the CV which remains the determining element in an application. Moreover, a letter of recommendation also represents proof of motivation, since not everyone dares to ask their former employer for a letter of recommendation. It is not necessarily easy to obtain, as the interviewer may not have enough time to write it. He or she will need to be reminded, etc. “It shows the candidate’s determined character,” says the headhunter. Finally, it is important to note that a letter of recommendation can increase your chances of getting a job. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it…