Given the number of companies, of available positions, but also potential candidates, it is increasingly unpredictable nowadays to advertise a job offer, unless you have a broad and diversified co-op network. To increase your chances of recruiting the ideal profile, there is now the Inbound Recruitment, a revolution in recruitment in Africa.

This methodology is based on a new marketing process that attracts the consumers who become a candidate for a firm. How can Human Resources benefit from this new way of doing business?

What is Inbound Marketing? How could this be applied to HR? What are the advantages of traditional recruitment? Talent2Africa tells you everything.

Principles of a new recruitment practice that could be applied in Africa

With the emergence of new information and communication technologies, there is a new balance of power between employers and candidates. As marketing seeks to increase the demand for goods and services provided by the company, Human Resources must find staff to meet them. The effectiveness of Inbound Marketing lies in its understanding of the radical changes that have occurred in the behavior of the customers who no longer accept to be interrupted and disrupted by the company.

In a logic of recruitment, the consumer is a passive candidate who is interested in a business, who will inquire online about you in order to measure hiring susceptibility; researches that will influence his application. In this relationship, the lead of the Inbound Marketing becomes the active candidate in the Inbound Recruitment and the company’s role is to propose its best image to attract.

The Inbound Recruitment, a function based on commitment

This recruitment method is based on the attraction of ideal profiles and largely on the principle of voluntary commitment by the candidate. If you want to succeed your Inbound Recruitment, it is important to start by defining your “Persona Candidate” in order to determine the type of candidates targeted and the informations that they can seek to decide to come to you.

According to the professional social network LinkedIn, 79% of potential candidates are in a passive job seeking. The objective is to create a trustful relationship in that the candidate will seek, before applying for a position, to estimate the well-being he can draw from his experience within your company.

Think about the benefits of Inbound Recruitment.

The Inbound Recruitment has a dual interest: it saves the recruitment budget of any company, but especially by building a database with contacts made of different candidates from various profiles. Inbound Recruitment is less codified and less restrictive than traditional recruitment processes.

Africa has fast expanding economic markets with constantly evolving recruitment needs, particularly in terms of quality. Based on commitment, the Inbound Recruitment is an effective solution, both from the lens of companies and their investments in recruitment, as well as from that of the talents prior their professional expectations. With the Inbound Recruitment, all the employees of a company can already become potential recruiters.

The challenge of Inbound Recruitment in Africa is to attract potential candidates, which is an objective of the recruiters who become, with time, also marketers whose role is to deal with the e-reputation and the employer brand.