In terms of digitalization, the HR departement has been impacted tremendously and has brought positive results in the business environment, especially in Africa. The mix of those two entitities ( HR and digital) make together a set of tools, processes and techniques that can be used to support various recruitment objectives and HR related jobs. Thanks to it, fast, suitable and effective solutions are now available to face one of the biggest challenges companies in Africa have been facing : talents. Thus, when digital allies with human resources it leads to: better sourcing and integration of new employees “The collection of information, useful for these two objectives and the use of the recommendation (including co-optation) have never been an easier task before the digital era occurred” Using the digital to serve HR makes it possible to find, select and integrate new workers faster and more efficiently. Better, what social networks are good at is, for example, sourcing and talent acquisition. Conducting individual or group video-conferencing interviews, organizing speed-networking (such as the job-dating that talent2africa organized in honor of women, on March 8, 2018), the use of on boarding tools are all examples of the application of digital in an HR objective. And that even goes beyond recruitment! Read: AFRICA – WHY INVESTING IN HUMAN RESOURCES IS A PRIORITY Another key factor is the  fact that you can use digital to train and develop skills. One of the main causes of the “skill gap” which employers in Africa encounter is the lack of training, especially on professions and competences that evolve constantly, thanks, in fact globally, to digital! The creation of corporate universities, COOCs or MOOCs (Corporate / Massive Open Online Courses) and the development of interactive training courses (which are more long-term and having both professional and collaborative missions) are so many examples of modern initiatives to acquire and integrate new knowledge and skills. The list of innovative digital tools at the service of human resources will surely continue to extend, along with the creative spirit of african startups and other digital companies that continue to pleasantly surprise employers by offering solutions to HR issues.