African companies owe a lot to their workforces,hose men and women working for them, no matter the how large or small the societies can be. No matter how creative, upseller, client-pleaser, strategic, speedster… employees can be, the people working for a company tell a lot about how this late is working. Even if the people working up the workforce of a successful business can not simply be dumped into such categories, every profile is needed in every department of a company. Every manager, mainly African, really needs great people to work with to improve corporate performance. Which kind of profiles do we need in an African businesses’ workforce?

1 – Do not be afraid to disagree

Working in a society is working with a team, and thinks about working in a team thinks about working with many ideas which do not necessarily fits with everyone’s perspective of a problem. In this case, what managers do not really need is staff members always nodding their heads to tell them how great their ideas are, just to pull their egos up. This kind of attitude is primordial in a company as so far as, if everyone is okay with every idea, staff members are the first poison for the business. Even if you are wrong, if you don’t agree with your coworkers, or your seniors, say it. You never know when you can save a business, or even fructify it. Learn so to value your view in order to save your company from embarrassment and uselessly losing clients.

2 – Have a critical eye​

In Africa, companies often hire you to have original and innovative ideas, as long as they are constructive. In this way, you can help up managing politics and the levels of work by motivating your co workers and managers to dig deep in order to find the best way to singularize your company in a market. Thus, being critical – not to any idea nevertheless- means that you are someone true to everybody, not the one able to act up behind your co workers and managers. Very often, critical people rethink about the criticism they receive and always think about fixing their own problems before pretending fixing others’ ones. In addition, whether it’s about management, you can be the favorite one for clients reception and creative campaigns organizations, just because you are the one we need to have the job well done. With critical person, every problem is an opportunity.

3- Do not limit your working force

It’s not about making crazy overtimes or giving your life to your job, but about being ready to fight in order to reach your own goals – or company’s ones-. Working overtime every day is counter-productive, contrary to the general industry belief. Working should be interesting and stimulating, not boring. All you have to do then is to mismanage your time to complete the tasks you were asked for within a reasonable period.Also, be ready to show that you need extra working hours, but not anytime, nor in a daily occurrence.

4- Be efficient in looking for solutions​

Looking for solutions is being effective in your work. When you do not understand something, don’t be afraid to ask questions, just because there is no stupid question. But before asking questions, be sure you are not able to make researches and seek for a solution. Discovering answers by your own is the best way to get your seniors attention and trust. Someone able to look for answers and solutions by himself is someone we can count on to solve problems quickly and silently, when it’s not a big deal.     The African managerial and professional workforce finds meaning in work and motivation to take part in an organizational life. This is why companies in Africa do not need stereotyped employees to work with, at the end of the journey. Every way to act up is to get your work done, and well done. Be the ones companies run after for their efficiency, nothing less.