You have finally landed the job of your dreams? Now it is time to start your first day in your new job. This step is not always an easy one considering the fact that you are getting into a new world. But how do we actually have a successful first day of work at a new workplace? We will tell you everything right here…

1- Meet those you will be directly or indirectly interacting with…

When a new co-worker comes in, it is common for him to meet new acquaintances and be introduced to people he will be working with as a way of getting him integrated. If you want to have a successful first day of work use that opportunity to meet with people around you. They could help you understand the history of the company, the current situation of the company so you quickly fit in and have a better first day. Such an approach will help you know and understand easier your work environment (the organization chart, the intranet, the business report, press articles…) use the coffee breaks to interact with people about different topics in a less formal way and enlarge your circle of professionals. A smile will definitely help breaking the ice and create new work relationships.

2-Immerse yourself in the activities of the other services of the company

After you have had met with your colleagues and or co-workers, you must take the time to know about the activities of the different services of your new workplace. You must get closer to the services which you will be in direct contact with so you know more about their activities, their missions, ther goals and their way of operating. However, you must expand your circle outside of the services you will be in direct contact with and get to know services that are distant to your new work. This will help make your first day go easier and will give you a broad idea of the company. This initiative is very important knowing that one day you might have to work with services that are distant to your main activity.

3- try to quickly integrate the values of the company

There is no business, no organization not company that does not have its own values. In the world of work it is commonly known as corporate culture. It refers to the identity of the company, an identity that for the sake of a good integration you are going to embrace fully or partly. Quickly integrating the values of the company helps you easily find your place in the company on one side and also build up your proud feeling of belonging. If you have that feeling of completely fitting in and integrating the values of the company, then it will transpire in your work which will be of better quality and wil meet with the expectations of your new employer.

4-Know the validation circuit of your actions

You can’t successfully complete your assigned projects if you are not able to know the validation circuit of your new workplace. Obviously you will need to find out who is part of the building of the project? How does he organise his decision making process? Who has the last word on the final decision? Who will be impacted? What services need to be informed?
If you don’t have the answer to those questions, there are little chances for your project to be accepted because the good planning of an activity depends on the people you will present it to and their promptness. Taking those elements into consideration will allow you to have a better integration in your new job and will help you get the trust of your colleagues or coworkers. Therefore, you will be able to take actions that would be more efficient.

5- Be curious, ask questions…

Asking questions does not mean that you have no skills. Quite to the contrary, you can’t know about anything especially knowing that you have just started this new job in a job company. To be quickly up and running you must not hesitate to ask for help and ask questions. Be someone who always ask questions. Don’t be satisfied with what you already know. Acquire as mush information as possible. Be curious… Your manager will see it as proof of your interest in evolving and integrating better.