After studying or a number of years of foreign experience, do you think about going back to Africa? You start looking for a job on the continent, which proves to be more difficult than expected because of the distance and often activities that take you a lot of time. But, all of a sudden, you are interested in a company on the continent that calls you to an interview, even by Skype. What are you doing ? What should you prepare, how to present yourself orally, and ideally in video? How to convince your motivation to go back to give yourself deeply? Here’s how you can convince despite the distance.

No room for improvisation

​Far from the address of the coveted company, the only way you have to inquire about it remains the internet. In this case, you would be happy to come across a structure with a good e-reputation: not only to reassure you about your choice, but especially to help you build a shocking argument when it comes to exposing them to Seducing your interlocutor. If it is not a multinational, it will give a good impression to show you know the company, its industry and its different products. Once the essential stage of research is outdated, it is important to prepare the major points of his speech. Depending on the company on which you fall, it is important to list your skills, training and professional experience. Think also and above all to present the strong points of the personality; Do not forget that in Africa, human qualities, in society as well as in companies, have their importance in the acceptance process of an individual. If you have had social, academic or professional successes, put them forward, you will only be a winner. Similarly, look after your appearance, in case the interview is done by videoconference. Avoid image mistakes that can hurt you in the face of any recruiter. The first impression counts much, especially at a distance. Even if you only talk orally, be sure to have a good internet connection and a good echo. Once this is achieved, if it persists in connection problems, just tell them they come from them and show you patient.

Show your motivation and make you want to know more

​During an interview, you have to know how to present yourself from the beginning. No need to resume all the elements of your resume, the recruiter should normally have it in front of him. Rather, try all relevant experiences that are not on your resume, due to lack of space, or what you have accomplished since sending this CV; Also discuss these important points such as your values ??and principles that they may not necessarily perceive through your resume or cover letter. Have a language that convinces and arguments that seduce. However, in a second step, talk about your motivation to work for this company, even if you did not know it before. You have done some research on it and in Africa we like to know that we are interested; An envy that must also affect our recruiters. Above all, talk about your social and economic motivations for a return to Africa. With a bit of luck, the recruiter you will be dealing with is a former diaspora talent and will understand your need to return.   The job interview in Africa should not be too different from the one abroad, except that it meets certain criteria relating to social life and entrepreneurship, One box to another, from one country to another. If you are working abroad, highlight the positive aspects of your current structure, but especially your host country. This will make it possible to show off your experience abroad. And, one last detail, praise the merits of the country where you intend to go, if you know it. This is a positive point that could become negative if you do not really know it. With all this, you are ready to look for a job on the continent.