Many Diasporans from Africa think of a professional transition back home, after years spent abroad. The return is stronger option nowadays, given the new opportunities generated by growth.

However, finding work in Africa as a Diasporan is not easy task, despite the ties and knowledge one can have on the continent. The visibility of the job market in Africa is not as clear as in the West, for example. The realities of the field in terms of recruitment, sought-after skills, the companies, salaries and other benefits etc., are all topics to be approached from a different angle.

The recruitment system has been deeply disrupted by technological progress. Starting a job search in Africa helps understand that the digital recruitment platforms have become key nowadays.

Many job platforms have been created. But just a few of them have a good understanding of the local recruitment market, constantly changing. For specialists, the main challenge is to adapt to the new needs of companies, especially multinational companies, which have settled in numbers on the continent for more than a decade.

Specialists like Talent 2 Africa quickly understood the need to attract skills for large companies in Africa. The target audience of this digital recruitment platform is clear: African professionals in Africa and in the Diaspora. CEO, Chams Diagne recently told the press:

Africa is performing well in terms of economic growth (5% on average per year). But African businesses will not really benefit from this growth if they do not find the right human resources.

The mission of Talent2Africa (T2A) is to make visible great career opportunities in Africa, for the African professionals in the Diaspora and all global talents on a wider scale, who wish to achieve professional mobility in Africa.

A pool of selected candidates, with high competences is regularly connected with large companies in Africa, some of which are partners. Becoming a member of the platform makes it possible to take advantage of Talent 2 Africa‘s networking strength.

Candidates will then be able to find / apply for job offers, co-opt or be co-opted, benefit from solid advice, finding out about the evolution of the employment / growth sector in Africa etc.

Among the regions that offer great career opportunities to the talents of the African Diaspora, there are, according to several economic research firms, the Maghreb (Morocco-Egypt), West Africa (mainly Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria), Central Africa (Cameroon), Kenya in the East and South Africa, where the recruitment market is however very complex.

In these regions, good growth prospects have attracted large numbers of multinationals and investors, looking for skills to establish themselves sustainably. The discovery of raw materials such as gas and oil in Senegal is expected to attract professionals in the field. Furthermore, the agrifood industry and infrastructure create many career opportunities in these countries.