Increasingly, in Africa, innovation and creativity are seen as key elements to the company’s sustainability. As time goes by, managers are putting more values on job organization and functioning. Creativity comes as an interesting asset when it comes to helping a company distinguish itself from competitors, it however requires an adequate environment. It prepares, assimilates and adapts itself to the direct environment of the company in which it is illuminated. How would you use your innovative ideas to serve an already established and stabilized organization? Far from improvisation, the aim of creativity is to give your company a long wait, a decision-making aid that is risky but yet profitable.

The process of creativity in business, a framework for self-fulfillment

When you decide to develop your own ideas in order to develop a business, you can not do it without a strategy established beforehand. In order to make this dream of working in a more creative company that aspires to distinguish itself from its competitors become a reality, you must, above all, define your goals as an innovative project leader. Whether you are rethinking the workspace or developing a new action strategy, or proposing a way to solve a given problem, you should know that you are coming to an organizational setting where you are not the only one with rules that everyone, including you, must follow. In order to express any creative idea, talk about it and always test the viability of the proposed project. Writing and sharing it to the maximum is an excellent way to get involved in such an approach. Hopefully, the organization you are collaborating with will get a chance to launch, “creativity campaigns” (which is often found among start-ups) with the purpose of listening to employees regarding the company’s possible plans and strategies. You can also do this by e-mail, as long as your idea is made public, and you have been allowed to do so. The development of your business is also up to you. Make the most of it.


Once the first creative idea is launched, think about different ways to be more creative. Since we are living in a world of expressions, employees can also use their own creativity to stand out from the others. It would be a way, of inspiring your colleagues to do the same and embark on the adventure of creativity in business. There are many ways for you to contaminate those around you with the virus of creativity. You could suggest organizing a contest that would reward the person who developped the most creative way of becoming a more creative society for example. Thus, the company will have plenty of ideas to chose from, and also be able to offer a special bonus to the most innovative employees. It will be some kind of race to the top results, to make sure that the company you are working for is on the right direction and stay on it. Good initiatives are often well received and the generated profits could be much more important than you could imagine, both for the employees and the companies … all you would need to do is to be open-minded and all of this would be possible.

In what appropriate frame?

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​Creative employees are, very often, curious individuals. It seems therefore interesting for a company and its employees to belong to a framework favorable to “ideas of rupture” which would advance the results of the company and would push the company to distinguish itself from its competitors. Thus, if intra-personal relations are strong, it could be important to promote an attitude of free exchange of ideas, insofar as the fear of bad ideas kills creativity. A company that encourages its employees to proceed with courage and conviction is a company that trusts its employees and motivates them to top themselves. It is therefore important to belong to an environment where mistakes are not considered as professional suicides. However, be careful not to adopt a careless attitude towards the rules of the environment of the company innovation. The richness of such an environment is part of a multi-faceted framework. The corporate identity is strenghten and gives the freedom to their employees to feel confident enought to share their creative thoughts with their partners. Such a climate of trust and respect is what the leaders of a company should encourage in the interest of the growth of the company. Because without creativity in the workplace, there is no innovation. Without innovation, there would be no products that change the world or innovate business ideas. It is very interesting for an employee, and for his career, to infuse creativity into their company.

The need to encourage its staff to set up the business is real. Innovation is an essential factor in the sustainability of the company, especially in a highly competitive environment where the best companies are often those where employees feel the best. Although it is often framed, the creative process does not take months to allow employees to propose innovation that can change the fate of a business. It is therefore important to note that improvisation, especially in case of sudden difficulty, is much more risky than a creative idea that will have followed the rules of the company and respect the hierarchy. Dear employees, see creativity in company as a token of a good future built by employees motivated by a 2.0 management team.