African countries, through their growth rates reflecting a dynamic business environment, have much to attract the African diaspora. Practically, the companies involved in this dynamic, with globalization and competition, always seek to innovate in markets, but also towards their products. To this aim, the Human Ressources’ quality represent a necessary wealth to such a process.   For some reasons, international firms, big companies, and even small and medium businesses, do not hesitate recruiting diaspora’s talents. Nevertheless, a lot of these talents do not want to come back and settle in Africa if local offers are not as much attractive as they want them to be. Dear recruiters, here are three points on which you have to emphasis to attract the African Diaspora’s talents in your companies.

1. Remuneration and advantages, main criteria for every possible collaborator

​Proposing big amounts for a main function in your company or a particularly interesting profile could attract a diaspora’s talent, but not keep them. Such an approach will only draw you into trouble. However, to make someone leaving everything one had in a country to come and work next to you, you should be able to propose an interesting advantages’ package. It is important, to attract young african people from the diaspora, to show them that you value their skills and faculties they acquired abroad.   Even if the majority of young people in the diaspora see, as a main motivation to come back in Africa, the will to get involved in the continent’s boost, 65% from this sample consider the international experience as besoin a main coefficient to be recruited. Very often, young people from the diaspora express a fear of coming back or arriving in an african workplace because of the remunerations’ lack of attractivity.   Thus, the first plea you could flourish face to a young who still hesitates to join your team in Africa is the salary, but also the advantages going with it, according to the proposed position. This plea is even, according to a survey led by the think thank Terangaweb, before formation and the accountability level acquired in the society.

2. A good work atmosphere, guarantee for a professional well-being

  ​Ensuring life and procedure rules in your company have to match with your values, but also to your targeted talents, is also a plea able to give you advantage on the recruitment market. The main objective is to be able to show that your company is haven where young people coming from diaspora can find the melting pot they aspire to see while joining your team.   Diaspora’s talents, very often, consider their experiences abroad as a main instrument allowing them to integrate your team. To take advantage of it, you should be able to show them, through cohabitation with your team’s other members, that this experience abroad – just as the good regional knowledge of Africa – are reasons for you to keep them. By these rules, you start giving sense to the careers you offer by allowing them to identify themselves to your values.

3. The career developments’ perspectives for African diaspora

  ​Young talents from the African diaspora often think about going back settling in Africa because it is a necessary condition to how they perceive their future. In this case, they seek to integrate structures able to ensure them a hierarchic, financial and accountability’s evolution. Their main goal is, by their ambition, to break the “glass ceiling” that they all dread to face at one time or another of their foreign career.   This, to offer them more substance to these career development prospects, it is important for companies in Africa to bet on formation and capital. These two coefficients are two main dimensions young african people from the diaspora pay attention.   Also, talents from the diaspora do not aim to come back in Africa without being able to leave their land by times to times. It is thus important for companies, in order to align with these particularly interesting profiles’ expectations, to have an international prospect. The possibility to form their Human Ressources abroad, but also the assurance of a functional and geographical mobility remains significant options.

A lot of companies based in Africa are attracted by the “Repats” phenomenon -term mainly used in Nigeria in contradiction to the notion of “Expats”. To see the diaspora ready to take the plunge, it needs legal motivations. Dear start-ups, tenor of their field, international firms, give these talents the working conditions strong enough to allow them organizing their return and to blossom in an environment they are discovering.