In a world where the digitization of the economy is moving at the speed of light, the ICT sector is one of the most dynamic ones all over the world. That dynamic conqueror of digital economy does not spare the black continent. The ICT sector is one of the most popular industry in that part of the world. ICT and tech startups industry have widely spread all over Africa, co-working spaces and incubators have been sprouting up. From Mauritius Island to Kenya, going through Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, it appears as Africa is about to boost its growth thanks to ICTs. This new trend contributes to the creation of new jobs that require ICT skills, something that people specialized in that area are very happy about. In this article, we will zoom in 3 promising career path to pursue in Africa.

Community & Digital manager

The Community and Digital Manager is multi-skilled person whose job is to manage and moderate communities. He must have an expert knowledge of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Snap. He must be able to manage one or many communities that are in those networks. He possesses multiple skills especially in the digital sector. The Community and Digital manager put it upon himself to meet with communities of developers, business owners and ICT decision makers, set up targeted flash meetings. The qualities of a good community manager consist of, among other things, being an expert in his line of business within his community, having a good knowledge of the web culture and being able to elaborate communication strategies on social media.

Business Developer

This active participant of the digital profession who has now become crucial, is in charge of finding new markets for companies that work with incubators. The Business developer attend meetings between companies and potential investors in order to help them negotiate contracts. The main role of the Business Developer is to overcome the issue of lack of funding of the company. For that reason, he has a key role in the growth of the company. The Business Developer job like many other jobs in the digital industry, is not really known in Africa. Nonetheless, in view of the recent shift of trends and because it is so important, everything leads to believe that this job is going to evolve.

Hub Manager and project manager of a coworking space or an incubator

His mission is to manage the team of the company and its development. He is also in charge of seeking funding and finances. The Hub Manager and project manager of a coworking space is in charge of the local and international visibility of the organization. This executive must possess the ability to develop relationships with other companies, networks, universities, investors, multinationals, in many countries. There is nothing wrong with the incubator trying to do some Business Development for companies and bring them counseling on their business model, their fundraisings or call for tenders. He supervises the creation of new coaching and events programs. People who are interested in a promising career in Africa can indeed opt for that position which is becoming more and more popular in the African continent.