Artififial intelligente has found the way to our everyday life and got quite comfortable in doing so. It’s an amazing reality. The future of the planet revolves around artificial intelligence. “Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.”,said Vladimir Putine the President of Russia.

In the working world, some are a bit scared of it, while others, in the other hand, do see some potential in it. Artificial intelligence has changed all the habits in Africa. In that side of the world, more and more young people have taken upon themselves to take advantage of everything that artificial intelligence has to offer.  For that reason, some kind of excitement happened in the “Black” continent over the rise of artificial intelligence especially in the entrepreneur field.

Artificial intelligence is made of a set of functions that the computer can execute better than the actual human brain or the human intelligence. The same is true for the analysis of massive amounts of data for example to proceed risk assessment. AI makes the machine learn about those mass data on its own and self improve.

With the huge potential that AI offers, Africa surely plans on relying on it to be on the same level as the rest of the world, because there are more and more investments made in that sector. From the health field, the education field to the environment field, mainstream AI based apps are very popular considering the fact that the smartphone business is booming in Africa.


In fact, according to Koundi a Deloitte Africa associate, the number of machines which are by the way around 350 millions, should double by year 2020 in Africa. Prices dropped from 80 dollars to 30 in less than two years, thanks to the launch of machines specifically made for Africa.

With this in mind, Betelhem Dessie was able to mention that AI could be the lever that allow the African continent to rise to the top next to the Northern countries. It would be, in other words, some kind of fast track to development that will make people forget that Africa has missed out on the first two revolutions, the industrial one and the post-industrial one.

Africa has considerably felt the impact of AI in the job market just like any other region in the planet. Today, despite the numerous advantages AI has to offer, there is a risk that a lot of jobs will disappear in Africa. This is, in fact, one of the main concerns that critics have toward this revolutionary trend. Despite the fear it might have brought, AI has been well received in the “black” continent. 

It is safe to admit that the way young African entrepreneur have been getting excited over it goes to show that Africa does plan on relying on AI to secure an economic take-off.

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