The role, women could play in social-economic development has always been an important topic for researchers all around the world. Especially in Africa where there is a misconception of what a woman really is and because of that, they are viewed as second class citizens. Despise all that, we must admit that the African continent cannot be truly developed without women.

Based on the African Development Bank ’s 2015 Gender Equality Index, women produce 65% of the continent’s goods, they own one third of all the companies and make 70% of the employees in almost all the African countries This shows us that women do play an important role in the process of economic development of the African countries. They contribute in reducing the unemployment rate and poverty in Africa.

A needed access to high quality training for women

Because we are living in a highly competitive world, we cannot afford not to have a high quality training. It is therefore more than necessary for women to have access to proper training so they are in a position where they can be fully part of the decision makers. As a matter of fact, several African countries are moving toward a more equal national policy putting women in high positions. Today, Rwanda is the leader in that new trend with a  National Parliament being made up of 60% of women. It is setting an example for other African countries and allowing women to be accepted and seen as leaders.

Getting women more involved in the decision making process

This new dynamic should be getting the support of the public policy which should care more about the integration of women in the African Economy. Especially knowing that inclusive growth is only possible with a full integration of women in the decision making process both in the public and private sector. African could only benefit from that change because its positive impact has spread across the world. This new tendency calls for support.It is not about gender anymore but about Africa relying on an undeniable part of its population to grow.