The 2018 Women In Africa (WIA) forum — An initiative that seeks economic development in Africa and supports African women will launch the second edition of its forum on september 27th and 28th in Marrakech, Morocco. This forum is a big event with very big ambitious goals.  It is  definitly not to be missed.

The Women In Africa initiative is launching this international platform dedicated to economic development and development of women in Africa. This worldwide  event aims at supporting a new generation of African women leaders and women with high potential. This is to ensure their impact in the development of the continent. Something that is only possible by building a strong network made of women, exclusively, and casting their initiatives. Talent2Africa is happy to be a partner.of the event.

On the first day, we will have conferences with an interesting approach on the importance of confidence for inclusive development, followed by a discussion on education on the second and last day. Very interesting speakers will be invited from every corner of the continent and even beyond. To name a few, we will have web entrepreneur Edith Brou from Ivory Coast (founder of Buzzyafrica.com), lawyer and consultant Modesta Mahiga-Mbughuni from Tanzania, and CEO of PanAAC Lucy Muchoki from Kenya. Those speakers are not only from different countries but they also evolve in different sectors of activity. We can find authors and bloggers like Dacia Munezero from Burundi, or artists musicians like Kya Loum from Senegal and even teachers in energy engineering like Francis Sempore from Benin.

The goal of the WIA forum is to motivate and support African women in taking the lead and building a better future for the continent. Whatever their field of expertise is, whatever their nationality is, African women have just what it takes and are cut for ambitious objectives.