Outplacement (or reclassification) is a coaching process for professional mobility. Its aim is to make the process of breaking a contract between a company and its employees less complicated.

It is an external outplacement service provided by a human resources firm. It consists in guiding and accompanying the former employee in the search for a new job or in the launch of his own activity. The adviser listens to the candidate and provides support, advice and expertise.


Evaluation and coaching process

Every new beginning begins with a check-up. Taking stock of what has been accomplished and what remains to be done. This is exactly the same process with outplacement. The HR consultant will help the employee to make a personal and professional assessment. In this way, both will be able to identify where the employee comes from in terms of career path and all the possibilities that might be open to him or her.

This is done by first analysing the background of the person concerned in order to better understand it. Then, the consultant helps the former employee to identify his or her strengths in order to maximize them and to be able to use them better in the future. The candidate’s areas for improvement are also analysed.


Outplacement: transition coaching and springboard to a new job

Some moments in our professional career can be quite sensitive and unsettling. For example, a breach of contract or a dismissal are difficult events that can easily confuse any employee.

To enable the employee to bounce back and to be able to orient himself effectively, the consultant will also take on the role of a coach. In addition to technical support, there is a human dimension that is added here. This translates into listening and understanding the personality and full potential of the candidate, which are now at the heart of the outplacement process. We talk about coaching here because the consultant seeks to improve the skills and performance of the candidate. Whether it is in the context of a reconversion through training or a new project, the objective is to equip the candidate to reposition himself favourably and sustainably in his market.

Outplacement is a real career accelerator. It helps the beneficiary of the service to make the right choices, by having all the necessary tools at his disposal. In this way, the candidate avoids the mistakes he or she might have made if he or she was not accompanied.


The benefits of outplacement

In order to be able to part with an employee in the best possible conditions, the company itself chooses the service provider who will take care of the outplacement service.

Outplacement is beneficial to company executives because it allows them to reposition themselves quickly after a layoff. The period of unemployment is thus reduced and the employee can return to work in a short period of time.

It also allows the employee to maintain or even increase his or her income level. Indeed, it is common for candidates accompanied by an outplacement consultant to find a better paid job than their previous one. Trusting an outplacement consultant means putting all the chances on his or her side to get a job according to his or her real abilities and experience.  

Outplacement is also very advantageous for companies. By making it easier for employees to return to work, companies demonstrate their social responsibility. In this way, they support the efforts of governments by helping to reduce unemployment.

Finally, using an outplacement service contributes greatly to the employer’s good reputation, as it is perceived as helping employees who are separating from the company to find a new job. The company thus promotes values of respect, consideration and recognition of the services and efforts made by its former employees.