As we all know, group work can get really hard and messy. And managing people is one of the trickiest things ever. That is because you will have to deal with people with different feelings, emotions, behaviors and reactions. In addition, the digital age makes managing people more complex therefor making it more difficult for the Human Ressources to do their jobs. So by managing all kinds of people, HR managers face many challenges and threats as well. Here is a list of things that HR managers should worry about.

  • Mobile technology

With technological advancement, especially mobile apps, companies can nowadays offer online learning, manage employees and even increase productivity. This has become a new and very effective and disruptive trend in Human Resources technology. So apps that could replace the performance appraisals or engagement measurement are being developed. Over the past years, large businesses shifted their HR systems to cloud platforms run by big technology suppliers. That way, mobile technology is entirely disrupting the “old fashoned” HR system which will eventually  will be replaced. HR managers should pay attention to these ever evolving trends/technologies and either integrate them in their practise or cope with them, before it is too late.

  • Employee leave 

The expansion of employee leave laws on both federal and local level  are causing multiple issues in the HR. The different existing laws and jurisdictions put employers in situations where they have to provide different types of leaves like sick leave, family leave, maternity leave etc. Where it becomes critical for HR is when employees are away without being replaced. In short, HR are not only in the obligation to grant paid vacations to employees but also need to find a way to fill those positions that are left vacant.

  • Diversity

For a better coordination between employees it is important to take into consideration the diversity that exists in a company. In fact diversity might start at top management. Thus efforts must be combined so the diversity that reign into the organization can participate in the achievement of goals. So foreigners must be integrated into the organization and in the local culture, but not too much so they don’t feel like they are put aside. Finding the middle ground is crucial to succeed in this. It is no easy task but it has to be done so employees can live and work together so the company can progress and reach its goals. HR managers will have to be neutral, and free of bias allowing the employees to be productive by working in a stress-free environment where they do not feel left out. There are various elements that could damage the HR sector in different ways. For that reason, they must take all those factors into account when they stratagize so they are prepared to deal with them. Whether they need to entirely integrate IT into their management system, or find a way to deal with the positions that temporarily go vacant. Either way, threats must be dealt with so they don’t become a nuisance.   By Mahmoud Diop LO