Someone once said live off what you love and you will never have to work again. In other words, when we turn our passion into a career , we have the opportunity to mix pleasure with work, and make money at the same time with little effort. This rather idealistic preconception is actually relevant, considering the fact that a lot of workers find their jobs useless. It is the notorious “bullshit jobs”. There are also a lot of people who are affected by the “bore out” syndrome which consists of suffering from being bored at work.


For that reason, according to Oasys firm associate Isabelle Andrè, a lot of people are trying to find some point into their work environment. ” they want to take control of their lives, get the joy back from doing a job they like. Because of that, turning to your passion might end up being the best decision”. So truly finding a career that matches with  your passion is far from being just an idealistic aspiration but rather a reality that most people are concerned with.


However one must admit that doing that is not an easy task because one will need to have enough courage to get out of his comfort zone. You can’t be afraid of having a lower salary or going through a professional retraining with everything that it would include. If you have always dreamed of being a journalist, a pilote, a surgeon, an architect, a movie maker, a dancer, you must do your best to pursue a career that you are passionate about or in a way, follow your dreams.


Be careful, some realism is however needed to help you find a profession, even though passion is an important element. Delphine Boileau-Terrien tells us that before turning to such a professional project, you must keep in mind that: «  passion only is not enough ». In order for that project to be successful, one must take all aspects into consideration ». Age and personal abilities of anyone should not be taken lightly.


For example, it goes without saying that a person who is passionated about medecine, planes, computer science or anything else since he was a little kid or a teenager is already one step above the others when it comes to chosing a major. Therefore according to professional coach Frédérique Debout, «  young people think that they have that energy that allows them to quickly engage to what they like. They have nothing to lose. People in their thirties or forties and fifties have the advantage of being more mature, something that could help them in a project that includes their passion. But on the other side, there might probably be some financial sacrifices that one will have to accept.


That being said, nothing stops you from following your passion and making a career out of it because a passionated person has motivation as an advantage. His passion is his fuel. It is totally possible to build a project based on your passion under the condition however that you follow some important rules.