You are peacefully surfing on the internet, when suddenly you come upon a job offer that perfectly match with you ambitions. Do not rush into it before taking the time to go through some investigations. It is even more necessary considering the fact that before the interview, after your cover letter has been sent, the people you will speak with must have already had an idea about who you are, your skills and what made you apply for that particular job. They should be under the impression that you know about the company and why not know about their line of business. For that to happen, you must do some investigation prior to sending your application.

When you apply for a job, you should know the line of business of the job you are applying for. That includes knowing about the recent or upcoming changes, about the company’s strategy and recent results, the corporate identity.you should be able to know if it’s a family business or a multinational. For example if you apply for a job in a telecommunications, you should be able to hold a conversation about the telecoms market, its development and current situation, the challenges that come with the sector and how is the company you have your eyes on handling its self in that specific market.

Knowing about those different informations is not something complicated, what we mean by that is that it is possible to do some investigation about the company on their website, it’s actually a gold mine of informations. You could probably find out information about the financial and economical situation of a company only by browsing their website. Indeed, if you visit a company’s recent job posting on their website, you might have an idea of their financial health and indirectly know if they will be able to hire you. In the “contact” section, you can have some information about the organization chart of the company,who to contact and in what department.

All the informations you have been able to collect form here and there will be very useful to you when you try to convince the person you will have in front you during the interview process, of your motivation. However, during the interview, you should avoid reciting the data you learned by heart like a robot just so you can show off. This method is counterproductive. During your interview, you should therefore use the collected information to have a reflection and a discussion with the person you will be speaking to in an intelligent manner, so they can find out more about you, your motivation and your interest in the company and in its line of business.

Before an interview, frequently visiting websites that draw a list of the actualities of the sector and of the content that companies publish, could only do you good. Either way, it will never be a lost for you to show your interest for the company and for the job that they are offering, in order to increase your chances of convincing the other person during an interview without acting as the smart guy.