If you don’t believe in yourself, it will be difficult to convince others to believe in you.

During a job interview, the first thing that the recruiter will notice about the candidate is his lack of confidence. So, in order for you to not miss out on that opportunity of getting the job of your dreams, our specialists have made a list of some tips to help you boost your confidence during an interview.

1- Breath

Taking a deep breath is an excellent way of dealing with stress. So before you start the interview it is recommended to calmly take 6 breaths. “ it is not just a psychological thing, breathing also has a real impact on your nervous system » explain specialist Josiane de Saint Paul.

2-  Tell yourself that the job is for you

One way for you to work on your confidence before the in interview is to be 100% sure that this job is for you. «  before you even start preparing for that interview, it is crucial to believe that we were made for that job », reminds Josiane de Saint Paul, therapist, co-founder and former director of French Institute Neuro-Linguistic Programming (FINLP). Without that belief, the person you will be speaking to will feel a lack of motivation. He will conclude that your lack of confidence is proof of how unfit you are for the position you are applying for. We suggest that you know exactly what you expect from the interview before you go on and take it.

3-Take it easy

Making the situation bigger than it really is will not bring you anything. Remind yourself that this is not the end of the world and it is just an interview. Even if it is true that when you want a job you will do anything to get it, keep in mind that it is not a matter of life and death. During an interview, it is important to not put too much pressure upon yourself. “There might be something better around the corner for that person”, says Josiane de Saint Paul, before adding that : « Eric Berne, the father of Transactional analysis said that ‘a winner doesn’t talk about what he’ll do if he wins but knows what he’ll do if he loses.”

4- Don’t see the person you will have in front of you as the enemy

The person seating in front of you is not an enemy sent out there to get you. Just think of him as someone who is just trying to  get the best out of you. To help you relax, do not see the person you are talking to as someone who is looking for conflicts but rather focus on seeing him on his “good” side“, recommends Josiane de Saint Paul.

5-  Take some time to process

if you did not get the job you wanted, it is crucial to take some time to process. First, look back on what you did, but don’t be too harsh on yourself by saying things like “ I did this, I did that“ but also put yourself in the shoes of the other party. “Just like any other relationship, there are two sides to the same story”, added Saint Paul. What we consider as a failure should be actually seen as a feedback from life. ‘ What did I learn and what should I do differently next time?’. That should be the question to ask yourself.”