Having a positive attitude, building positive habits and thoughts, believing in yourself, making the wise choices or again goal setting and achieving them. We often hear so many tips like these showing us a direct and clear path to success. Let’s admit that we all have our goals, be it personal or professional, and want to achieve them. But none of these advices, alone or combined, seem to work as we wish it. Is there anything we are actually doing wrong about the whole thing? Or is that the right way to do it but we are actually lacking something? We do all have dreams and objectives and we try our best to achieve them. But there is always this one thing that we can’t identify that we’re lacking and is therefore holding us back. Because of that “something” we have a hard time progressing in our projects and achieving our goals. How do we manage to get things done in the right way so our dreams cease to crumble before our eyes. Finding that something may seem very complicated at first look, but it’s in fact quite simple. Let’s see through the experience of Adaora Mbelu Dania, one of the most successful creativist industrialist, in Africa.

Who is Adaora?

Meet Adaora Mbelu Dania founder of A2creative (1), sharing with us her secret to success. Adaora Mbelu is a creative industrialist with a passion for creating and innovating. She truly believes that everyone has something valuable that can be added to this world. So, she started her own website and has built a community with the purpose of sharing inspiration and building dreams. This woman is considered very successful. She wrote her first book at the age of 9. At age 16 she represented her country (Nigeria), at the Global Youth Conference held at Washington DC and New York, with over 300 outstanding scholars from everywhere around the world. She worked for CITIgroup in the United States for a couple of years and by the time she reached 29, she found herself running a million dollars worth company named A2Creative in Nigeria.

What is Success to Adaora?

“I don’t believe money or or popularity should be a key measurement to success” (2), she states. What actually counts, is you finding your path. What is it that you really want to do and why? Adaora believes that her greatest mistake was thinking that she had to streamline and chose one thing. She started with the CITIgroup as a credit risk analyst before joining the corporate communications team of OSMI. From then on she had to manage the company’s communications for the 2010 world cup in South Africa. Afterwards she shifted from that to project management and was in charge of many projects including Nigerian Idol, Nigeria’s Got Talent, Nigeria Centenary Awards, and the International Conference on peace and security. As we notice, many startups obviously fail and end up closing. Adaora’s opinion was requested on the topic and was asked why she thinks many people fail when setting up their own businesses. The fact is people actually want quick wins with little effort with non-sustainable business models, according to Adaora. This proves that great contracts that bring huge revenues, do not necessarily make you a great entrepreneur. In addition to, comparison with competitors plays a big role on this outcome as well. Rather than focusing on what one needs to do and doing it the best way possible, businesses tend to pay too much attention on what the competition is doing. Following Adaora, we can easily conclude that in order to build a successful business, one should rather focus on developing an innovative and qualitative business. However, this will require discipline and patience.

Adaora’s advice

In a nutshell, to all youth: one way to achieve your objective(s), irregardless your path, is to stay focused and be authentic. It will be useless to copy others and pretending to be doing things just fine. And finally, do not rush before you do anything rash. Be different than the others and always stay honest with yourself. That will lead you to where you want to go. If we could believe Adaora’s advice, it is definitely a combination, that will eventually lead you to success.