In 2018, Forbes magazine announced the list of the largest fortunes in Africa. A list that showed a clear increase in the wealth of African billionaires who became even richer.

Going from 21 to now 23, there are more and more African billionaires and they are getting richer with a combined fortunes of $75.4 billion compared to $70 billion in 2016. Here is the list of the ten richest business women  and men in Africa.

Isabel Dos Santos (Angola): the daughter of President Dos Santos is on decline on the list with a loss of $ 400 million in 2017.  Her fortune is currently estimated at $2.7 billion what puts her in 9th place.

Mouhamed Mansour (Egypt) makes a sensational entry on the list of the richest men in Africa. He also ranks at 9th with a fortune of 6 billion dollars that he shares with his two brothers Yassen and Youssef .

Koos Bekker (South Africa) gets in the Top 10 of the richest businessmen in Africa with a fortune estimated at $2.8 billion. He is the CEO of Naspers, a famous South African press group.

Naguib Sawiris (Egypt) is the second largest fortune in Egypt after his brother. His fortune was estimated at 3.8 billion the years before and $4 billion in the year 2018 which puts him in 6th place.

Issad Rebrab (Algeria) is also in 6th place with a fortune currently estimated at $4 billion. He is the CEO of Cevital, the leading agribusiness in Africa.

Mike Adenuga (Nigeria) goes from second place in 2016 to 5th place in 2018. The Nigerian businessmanis is worth 5.3 billion dollars.

Nassef Sawiris (Egypt): this Egyptian entrepreneur is part of the Adidas Supervisory Board and is the second largest shareholder in Lafarge, the world’s leading cement manufacturer. He currently rankes at 4th place with a fortune of $6.8 billion.

Johann Rupert (South Africa): a giant in the world of luxury and high-end, the South African is the owner of the Richemont Group, the parent company of the brands Cartier and Montblanc. His personal fortune is estimated at $7.8 billion which puts him in 3rd place.

Nicky Openheimer (South Africa) remains in second place. His fortune is still growing and is estimated at $ 7.7 billion. He is the grandson of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, founder of Anglo American, a company specialized in mining production

Aliko Dangote (Nigeria) is still the richest man in Africa. The giant of the food and cement industry is currently at the head of a fortune estimated at 12.2 billion dollars, a fortune greater than the annual budget of Ivory Coast.

Now you have the list of the ten richest men and women in Africa. If you TOO want to be part of this list in a near future, get inspired by finding more about the 5 African startups to watch closely