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Despite a very strong evolution, the telecommunications sector in Africa  still has a lot of progress to make. Satellite, cable and mobile technologies have generated high recruitment needs.

For this sector, the rise of digital technologies  means the ability to extend to other productive sectors. Across Africa, companies and startups develop high-tech solutions to simplify life for local users: creation of digital platforms, electronic payment tools, reservation tools, GPS, remote monitoring, access to e-services , data transmission and information etc.

Behind agribusiness, the telecommunications sector is the second employer in the continent. And unlike agribusiness, there is a lack of qualified candidates to bring more value to this sector.

Indeed, Africa seems to have been surprised by the digital revolution for not having tried to anticipate and put the post-graduate training programmes in tune with the professions of telecommunications earlier. Despite much progress, the training offer is not sufficient in terms of quality or quantity, to allow a top productivity level in the sector. Some countries succeed better than other, such as Morocco.

Therefore, foreign expertise is greatly appreciated when looking for talents in this sector, especially those in the African diaspora. Many among them chose to return to Africa after graduating in western universities, for a successful career in telecommunication companies operating in the continent.

Recruiters in this sector still have their eyes on this growing demand for talented workers  in the telecommunications sector. Many job opportunities for key positions in telecommunications companies in Africa still are waiting to be picked up. The most sought-after profiles are:

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    • Buyer Telecommunications
    • Assistant Project Manager – Telecom New services
    • Network Administrator – Telecom
    • Technical Administrator Call Center
    • IT Virtualization Administrator
    • Apprentice -e- Operator, Delivery Operator – Package
    • Technical Architect -Telecom
    • Frame
    • Frame – Office automation
    • Cloud Computing Project Manager
    • International project manager in IT and networks
    • Project Manager New services -telecom
    • Head of Telecom Project
    • Commercial Telephony – B to B –
    • Mobile Application Developer
    • Telecommunications Consultant
    • Interactive Designer
    • IOS developer
    • Developer
    • Director of Call Center
    • Electronics – Operator
    • Teacher-Researcher in Microelectronics
    • Expert in Telecoms and Networks
    • facilitator
    • Hotliner
    • Engineer -e Telecom – Specialization Satellite communications
    • Business Engineer
    • Software Engineer – IT
    • Engineer of the Internet
    • Research Engineer -Telecom
    • Electrical Engineer, Electrical Engineer
    • Geomatics Engineer
    • Metrology Engineer – Embedded Systems
    • Telecommunications Engineer
    • Network Operations Engineer
    • Software engineer in charge of tests
    • Network Engineer -Telecom
    • Network Engineer – Option Mobiles
    • Cisco Systems Network Engineer
    • Customer Support Engineer
    • Technical Support Engineer
    • Telecom Engineer in charge of the tests
    • Software Engineer
    • Research Engineer
    • Cable network installer
    • Engineering Manager
    • Head of Network Studies (IT)
    • Head of Telecommunications
    • Computer Maintenance Technician
    • Cable communication technician
    • Electronics Technician
    • Intrusion Monitoring Technician
    • Optronics Technician
    • Technician Operator Network -Telephony
    • Network and Telephony Technician.
    • Network-messaging technician
    • Network technician – Mobile telephony
    • Network and telecommunications technician
    • Higher Technician in Computer Networks and Telecommunications
    • Specialized Technician Networks-Telecom Services
    • Superior Technician Network Operations Telephony.
    • User CISCO Systems
    • User, user ArcGis for Desktop
  • Mobile phone consultant