With a wider and wider technological positioning , Africa is a land where recruiting is the future. If it was not made for digital recruitment, it would not be a great future hub for high-tech, where every single person is trying to cope with innovation. When it comes to recruiting, companies find a lot of advantages in hiring talents via internet, which is done, nowadays, more and more genuinely.

If today’s recruitment is a new thread, both companies and appliers have to learn to get in this move, without forgetting that it is not still the only one way to find a collaborator. What are the four ways to fit in the e-recruitment’s blank?

1- Time is to passive recruitment

Displaying one’s skills and attributes, as well as their attitude and personality that best fits a company is for those who is not in the job market. Nowadays, it is better for you candidates to evolve in a market meeting your goal company’s specific requirements. The efforts you’ll make to provide the knowledge and attitudes required will pay off one day, as long as you are getting a stronger calibre as a candidate. In this way, you find yourself always ready for new adventures, because you’d have time to get ready for it.

2- Find time to be up-to-date when it comes to technology

No matter how educated and experienced you can be in your field, find time to be regularly formed in skills related to your speciality or, even just your industry. It’s through years that you can develop relationships, thanks to the new tools technology offers everyday, depending on the cost. This is how you build an e-network.

It is challenging for companies to recruit within Africa where there is a large pool of qualified professionals, but due to historical events, many have very little practical experience. In this way, getting up-to-date will one day help you reaching your goal, whether it is to be a great field operational, or a top position strategic officer.

3 – Create the good partnerships

Africa is rich and diverse in culture. With that in mind, it’s important to understand the dynamics at play the regions you aim to work in, as it can impact a lot on your chances to be hired in your dream industry. This is why, with technology, you won’t necessarily have to resume your CV to make it concise and brief, like french speaking people are used to. Take time to use efficiently Internet, professional social networks and even digital platforms to widen your education and experiences, so every recruiter could see what to look for with you and what could be a more helpful for the position they aim to hire you for.

4- Let recruiters see how determined you are to reach your dream position

Depending on the region of your operations, you can have to wait more or less long periods to create your attractive-enough profile. Sometimes, when recruiters look for a new collaborator, they are looking for the best to be prepared for the position upfront. Even when negotiating, they don’t use a one size fits all approach, as money isn’t always the main driving force.

The increase in online tools to search and advertise for candidates, coupled with Africa’s increased access to the internet, has led to a growing trend in the number of companies that are taking the role of recruitment in-house. This is why every candidate has to show what makes them special and unique on a market, and why recruiters should hire them. And for this, technology is wide enough to help you doing it. Before coping with technological recruitment, know how to create an attractive e-reputation on which companies could rely on to see if your skills and personality can fit with their recruitments. However, do not forget to choose wisely the companies you want to work with, as much as they choose wisely their collaborators; it tells a lot about your future.