Like we always say unity is strength. This saying happens to be also true within work relationships where a smart collaboration between team workers is key to the success of any project of any kind. A joined interaction between workers constitutes the basis of a better performance and a good environment in the company. Unfortunately not all managers have the luxury to work with a united team capable of collaborating in perfect harmony.

Team work obstacles within the company?

According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive/Apec published in the Capital, 22% of employees say that they don’t like working in teams. A mismatch of personalities, not knowing the skills that the other people have, and the belief that keeping an information to ourself is an asset, are the main obstacles that keep workers from working with each other. However it does not give an excuse to the manager to not do anything to make workers add the sense of team spirit to their values. There are many existing solutions to encourage teamwork in a company.

Make a example out of you thanks to your attitude

If you want to encourage team spirit in your company, as a manager you need to make an example out of yourself. You need to be able to create direct connections with your employees to make it easier to have good communication within the company. Creating direct connections with your team workers means being open-minded so much that it would be contagious. You can, for example, make it easier to have access to your office by letting the door open for discussions to show that you are available and you are all ears. Try not to keep yourself away from your employees. Show yourself by walking down the office for example. You should also insert in your planing a weekly get together with your colleagues to give them an opportunity to talk about how they feel and what is bothering them. This approach will allow you to show your employees the positive result of the transmission of an information.

Set up interconnection tools 

It’s not about the simple fact of telling your team workers about managing to create a good collaboration between them. Obviously, You will need to invest in technological means that will make it easier for employees to share with each others. It is therefore essential to set up tools and spaces for collaborative work. It will allow the employee to directly express his difficulties so he can get help from everybody.

Interconnection tools also allow for a team member to share a document he produced. The other members of the team will be able also to give their opinions and constructive criticism that would only help improving the performances. That way a genuine collaborative work would be set up.

Finally, if you want to boost the sense of teamwork with your coworkers, find a grading system based on the collective and not on the individual. It is more relevant knowing that the individual score does not really help the collaborative work. Hence, setting up collective criterion will highly encourage the team spirit.

Either way, you must keep in mind that the cultivation of the sense of team spirit in a company is not an easy task and is something that is done on a daily basis. It is a tremendous load of work.

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