Thursday, November 16, 2017 – Talent2Africa and Jokkolabs signed, a partnership agreement to accelerate the development of a network of experts through, in particular, the African Diaspora in the world, which will serve innovation in Africa.

The event was held at Jokkolabs Dakar, with the presence of representatives of the two companies, including Moustapha Diop and Sabrina Coulibaly Seck (Jokkolabs), Chams Diagne, Youssef Debbagh and Abdoul Aziz Diagne (Talent2Africa).

Also, members of the African Diaspora, recruiters, entrepreneurs, the French Consul and an official of the Spanish Embassy attended the event.

Speakers covered topics such as the return to Africa, the opportunities for “repats” in terms of employment or entrepreneurship, the most sought after skills by companies, etc..

Guidance and monitoring

This is why Talent2Africa and Jokkolabs set up this partnership as a solution for candidates wishing to settle professionally in Africa, to give them the means to best prepare this transition by integrating them into the local professional market.

On the other hand, the two organizations intend to work together to identify, federate and train, on a wider scale, Diaspora professionals and all talents in general wishing to contribute to the development of the continent, through the establishment of specific common initiatives.

Chams Diagne, CEO Talent2Africa, explains:

“This program was designed, following a simple observation: a lot of the Diaspora’s talents wants to seize opportunities on the continent, but many of them have a lot of concerns and really misunderstand the African job market. We wish to use this partnership with Jokkolabs to develop this first experience on the continent which will help to provide concrete answers to African companies wishing to involve experts from the Diaspora on specific issues in short-term missions or even further »

Practical solutions

In practice, this agreement is built around three different service offerings:

1- Professional immersion

  • Preparation before departure: general knowledge of the country, the global market, the host company and the short “mission” or short “project” developed with the host company.
  • Facilitate the arrival in country of destination.
  • The integration of the candidate into the company: putting the candidate into contact with the company
  • Monitoring of the professional transition (tracking the progress of the immersion)


  • Jokkolabs and T2A will implement the necessary means to propose a suitable candidate profile meeting the need for recruiting companies located in Africa.

3- Support to entrepreneurship and the development of companies

  • The entrepreneurship candidates in Africa detected by T2A are directed towards the entrepreneurs support offer implemented by Jokkolabs and its partners.