The importance of an HR department within a company

Human resources management plays a fundamental role within companies. Indeed, it is a complex and transversal function that must be at the very heart of any company’s strategy.

People create value, they are the most important resource of any company. And the most important mission of the HR function is to provide the company with efficient and fulfilled human capital.


The HR function designs an optimal recruitment strategy

Talent is essential to the growth and evolution of any structure in Africa. We must therefore be able to attract them. First, the HR manager(s) carry out a complete diagnosis of the company in order to understand its needs. Thus, they draw up a mapping of jobs and skills in order to have a clear and precise vision of talent (current and future). It is also a question here of listing the skills already present within the company in order to unleash their potential. This is a real groundwork that requires expert hands.

Once the recruitment plan is established, it is now time to attract talent. To do so, HR managers will need to leverage their employer brand and corporate culture. These two factors are key to differentiating themselves from other employers in Africa.


Talent management and retention

Once recruitment is finalised, HR management remains crucial to the cohesion of the organisation .

Personnel management, for example, is a key factor in the smooth running of any business. Establishing the salary scale, setting up social benefits, monitoring the evolution of performance, including evaluation and training … It is therefore a complete cycle that is set in motion and that concerns both the daily and the long-term vision.

In addition to the administrative management of personnel, there are also crisis management (economic crisis, health crisis, etc.), or even internal conflicts that may arise within the company. In these delicate phases too, human resources are a crucial player.

As we saw with the VIDOC-19 pandemic, the strategic importance of HR is well established. There is an urgent need for companies in Africa to commit now to making HR a strategic HR function.



The HR function, a real growth lever for companies in Africa

Much more than just an administrative department for contract management, the HR function in Africa is a real driving force for the company’s development.

To achieve its growth objective, HR managers in Africa are responsible for building the company’s marketing strategy and ensuring the development and deployment of the employer brand. These two branches concern both the company’s internal and external communication.

All of these elements contribute not only to the well-being of employees, but also to a better functioning of the company and its good reputation.


Are you overwhelmed or have little knowledge in this area? Don’t hesitate to ask an experienced Consultant to help you build your HR strategy and deploy it. By deciding to make it your priority, you are investing in the development of your company.


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