The African business world is made of several personalities, visions of things and attitudes. It is also a space of socialization which aims to develop the aptitudes of its members and the potentialities of the company. As an individuality in a group, your role is to act to make the working environment and interpersonal exchanges as fluid as possible. In Africa generally, local and diaspora talents find themselves in a space they seek to develop. It’s a little bit why you get paid. Because you have a role to play in your company, you have to be able to do it properly, with the aim of making yourself, but also to make your position essential to the smooth running of your business. How to get there ? Here are skills that will make you indispensable in any African business.


​In African business, it is important to know what to do, and especially when to do it. It is a prime quality that allows you to assert your autonomy towards a boss who, when he can’t be present, will be able to trust you for taking decisions and executing them in order to serve the interests of the firm. Apart from this, it may happen that you are in the urgency of taking risks for the same interests of the company. It is therefore necessary to be able to plan in good time to be able to grasp the right situations in the best way possible. Being proactive means showing qualities that will surely lead you faster to a promotion in Africa, where mere execution and lack of initiative are common. It is also becoming an increasingly important pillar of your business.


​If proactivity allows you to put yourself forward, as much your personality as your skills, it is important to know where and when to stop. In Africa, like everywhere else in general, you must first of all know that you are not your superior and that you must not commit any outrage towards the hierarchy in which you belong. There is no question of spending more hours than necessary at work, otherwise, you could reach the burn-out. As zeal is not a quality, you should not let others collect the recognition for your personal successes in a team. [cta id=”5070″ vid=”1″] Also, to evolve, take your failures as well as your successes and treat your superiors as clients to whom you must give total satisfaction. It is a truly appreciated attitude by managers in Africa. If ever one day your superior is wrong for example, just reassure him and find politically correct ways to show him that you are the one able to meet one’s needs.

The team spirit

​It is difficult, if not impossible, to evolve to the point where a company passes you all your whims in Africa. However, you can get to the point where everyone feels the added value you bring to the company. To reach this point, you need to get closer to your colleagues and your superiors. No need to become their best friend, but at least get their esteem. This will allow you to work in a good atmosphere with everyone and motivate your colleagues to help you – because you must surely realize that you are not a superhero – when you are stuck on a file or you have a any problem in the firm, but even outside, according to the strength of social life prevailing in Africa. For it to happen, get involved in the your company’s social life outside the mere framework of work. Over time, you build strong professional relationships that strengthen your importance in the enterprise. The desire to feel appreciated and desired in a company is a main motivation to work when one has the ambition to go beyond the simple strata of the bottom of the scale in Africa. Even if it is not too much to do, it makes it possible to secure its employment, to obtain promotions and better working conditions, especially in Africa. To collaborate in a good mood with the states of mind of everyone, this is what can really make you indispensable to any African, social or professional organization.