Talent2Africa contributes to the development of African economies by selecting the best executive candidates for key positions that directly impact business success.

Through its activity Talent2Africa is positioned as a bridge between Senegalese on the one hand from the international and France in particular and on the other Senegalese companies seeking to attract the best talent for Senegal.

The SENEGAL LEADERSHIP FORUM project joins the Plan Sénégal Émergent (PSE) initiative. In addition, the Operational Monitoring Office (BOS) is a partner of the Forum, a meeting aimed at more effectively involving Senegalese abroad in development efforts and facilitating the return of talent from the diaspora.


The SENEGAL LEADERSHIP FORUM is also a moment of sharing between the international business community operating or wishing to invest in Senegal. It is supported by the MEDEF and Business France who are the official partners.

This one-of-a-kind event promotes quality encounters between diaspora talents and a delegation of Senegalese and multinational companies present in Senegal wishing to meet the best international talents.

All these decision-makers come to share their vision and their ambition for Senegal, within the framework of flagship thematic conferences of the PES namely Energies, Industries, Infrastructures and Digital Transformation.