Usually, most job seakers face rejection of their job applications for a job that they were however dreaming about. Getting a negative feedback after a job interview is something that all job seakers have experienced before. There are plenty of consequences whether it is deception or lack of confidence, especially when it is something rather frequent. However nothing is lost. Instead of losing hope you should focus on your failures to move forward. The outcome can only be good. Here are some clues to successfully do that.

Update your CV

You are convinced that this job is yours and that your profile is exactly what they are looking for? However, your application has not been selected. Instead of seeing it as a failure, you should accept it by asking yourself why it didn’t work. If indeed your application has not been selected it is probably because you need to review some things. Take the time to go over the job posting and adjust your CV. If for some reason related to a lack of information or an incoherence you can seem to find the problem, look for the opinion of a third party who might be able to be unbiased and objective. It would help you next time.

Try to find out more about the reasons why you were rejected by questioning the employer…

No matter what the situation we are facing is, we need to understand it in order to better handle it and move forward. Therefore if you have a negative feedback after an interview, try your best to understand what happened. Do not hesitate to have a conversation with the employer in order to ask him specific questions about the reasons why you got rejected. This conduct will benefit you because it will allow you to bring some changes to your future applications. The mistake you have made during your interview was maybe to badly showcase your skills or not tell your work experience with coherence. If you succeed in finding the root to the problem, your won’t loose your motivation and you will put all the chances on your side next time.

Do not rely on just one application…

If you idealize a job position to a point where you only apply for that job, getting rejected by the recruiter could affect you and therefore crush you down. This is why you should double your applications so you have more chances of getting other job interviews. If when you get a negative feedback from an employer you already have other interviews planned, then it won’t affect your mood. Either way always keep in mind this famous quote by Nelson Mandela «  I never lose, I either win or learn ». Let’s just say that a rejected application is at least an additional experience.