A good amount of the workers who are not really open to venture to unknown lands,  feel a certain way about contemplating the idea of doing a professional retraining. Whether it is about being afraid to explore the unknown, to step out of their comfort zone or an instinctive search for professional security, professional retraining is not something very popular among workers in Africa and anywhere else in the world.

Change your career to take control of your life

A professional retraining consists of a change of career or work status but more than anything it is about taking your life under control which requires obviously to be someone rather audacious and able to go to the unknown. However, the number of people who are making radical changes in their career, not to mention those who are only talking about it, has risen up this last decade and it keeps growing. According to a study published by Opinion Way in 2016, on “professional retraining” 68% of active workers have considered seriously changing their life and 31% said that they did it at least one time already. Such a decision that is solely based on the desire to take one’s life in controle can’t happen without a change of environment or occupation.


Agriculture: the most popular field in Africa for workers undergoing a professional retraining

In Africa, the issue of migration in addition to a job market getting more and more overloaded make many workers turn to professional retraining. When it comes to investment, Africa still is the continent that offers the most possibilities for investors unlike Europe or the United States where almost all sectors have had some. That is the reason why people who are considering undergoing a professional retraining have plenty of areas to choose from to change their career. Agriculture happen to be a very profitable sector that offers many investment opportunities and job creations. Many professionals who are tired of their jobs or looking to have more independence in their professional lives are going into the agriculture business in Africa. That happen to be the case for the ex professional football player Ferdinand Coly who traded his football boots for a career in agriculture in his home country.

The obstacles that come with undergoing a professional retraining

Just like any adventure in life, a professional retraining is an exciting experience but yet stressful. In Africa, many workers that have the objective of going into a professional retraining sometimes have issues finding the appropriate training that meet with the criterion they have set. Another thing that make a professional retraining difficult in Africa is the funding of a professional activity. In many African countries, the Government have put in place many structures to fund those who want to engage in something or undergo a professional retraining. However they are yet to be efficient. Because of the sense of uncertainty that come with taking this type of decision and the issues mentioned earlier, many people would rather stay in the comfort of what they have instead of going to the unknown. Still, African professionals are being more and more aware of the fact that a change of career is an opportunity rather than an issue related to unemployment.


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