It is true that nowadays, it is easy to find a great number of cover letter templates online, so many of them that we wonder if they are really that important. Trivialized, standardized, recruiters barely read them unless there is one that stands out from the rest. Even though, it is clear that when you start the process of writing a cover letter, as a candidate what matters for you the most is to be special. That is so true that your cover letter is actually your first direct contact with the recruiter. So it is necessary for it to be neat. But how? Our HR gives up the updates.


Be brief…


Did you know? Recruiters spend little or no time reading a cover letter. Most recruiters spend, on average, around 2 or 3 minutes reading your job application. That is the reason why in order to grab his attention, you should be brief so you can make his job easier. Your cover letter should be short. Ideally, a good cover letter should fit in one page max. The cover letter should also be convincing and personalized for each job application. It is true that it can be tiring to always change it up for every job offer but it is way more efficient. The recruiter will notice that you took some of your time  to read the job announcement meticulously and to write a cover letter that fits with the job description. This would make him want to find out more about you because you took interest in the company. 


Give your job application to the right person


The other aspect that people tend to forget is sending your job application to the right person. It is so important however. In the perfect world you would find out about the name of the recruiter and and send him a personal email with your CV and cover letter. This would maximize your chances of getting an interview.


Get a catchphrase to grab the attention of the recruiter 


The catchphrase is a necessary step in the writing process of a good letter because it helps you grab the attention of the recruiter. You must therefore write a catchphrase that grabs his attention. Our RH experts recommend you to avoid classics like “I am interested in your offer, I would like to submit my application”. You should focus more on having a short and direct catchphrase.

Show interest for the company


Do not make the mistake of only talking about yourself in the cover letter. In the first paragraph, you must show your interest in the company by giving a description of its activity and values. Our HR experts suggest you to give actual facts that seduced you (the company’s latest news update, its latest successful deals).


Quote key words from the job posting


In the second paragraph of the cover letter, focus on explaining to the recruiter why this offer matches with your skills and career expectations. Use some words from the job posting and list your skills, your knowledge and your know how that have a direct link with them. Be clear and specific. Give examples, accomplishments numbers. Mostly use action verbs.


What about the conclusion?


In your conclusion, you should make the recruiter want to contact you for an interview. Show your motivation for the particular job with enthusiasm and suggest a conversation. The recruiter should feel that you genuinely want to join the company.