In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship and business, where strategies evolve, technologies advance, and markets shift, one timeless truth remains constant: people are at the heart of any successful enterprise. The journey of building a great company begins with assembling the right culture, and it’s the mix of people that determines whether this culture thrives or falters.

In the annals of corporate history, there exists a remarkable story of a CEO who took this belief to an unprecedented level, redefining the role of leadership in shaping a company’s culture. Dan Serfaty, the former CEO and Co-founder of Viadeo, emerged not only as a visionary entrepreneur but also as a leader deeply committed to the cultivation of an extraordinary company culture.

The first wave of employees is often considered pivotal in a startup’s trajectory, and it’s not uncommon for founders or CEOs to personally interview a select few to ensure alignment with the company’s vision. However, Dan Serfaty broke all norms by personally conducting interviews with every single one of Viadeo’s first 300+ employees. This astounding number of job interviews is a testament to his unwavering dedication to nurturing a culture that would set Viadeo apart in the competitive landscape at that time.

Why did Dan go to such extraordinary lengths? He recognized that the initial group of hires are not just employees; they are the “cultural co-founders” of the company. These individuals play a pivotal role in setting the tone, imprinting behavior, and instilling values that will define the organization’s identity. Their influence extends far beyond their job descriptions, as they become the architects of the culture that can either propel the business to success or impede its growth.

Dan’s search went beyond traditional qualifications and skills. While skills and experience were essential in the earlier stages of candidate screening, he sought something deeper, more intangible—the elusive concept of “cultural fit.” Cultural fit varies from one company to another, as each organization has its own unique ideals and values. What may be a “Perfect 10” fit for one company could be a “0” for another. Some companies prize free thinkers who challenge the status quo, while others seek employees who diligently follow prescribed paths. Some value directness and transparency, while others favor diplomacy and tact.

The key takeaway from Dan Serfaty’s extraordinary journey at Viadeo is that the responsibility for defining and fostering the right culture lies with the company’s leadership. It’s a profound reminder that regardless of the specific attributes or qualities sought in potential hires, the ultimate decision rests with those at the helm. Building a great company is not solely about the product or service it offers; it’s about the people who shape its culture and drive its success.

In an era where business strategies may evolve rapidly, the enduring lesson from Dan Serfaty’s exceptional approach is clear: the pursuit of the right mix of people and the cultivation of a cohesive culture are central to building a great company. The legacy of a CEO who interviewed hundreds of employees goes beyond Viadeo; it serves as an inspiration for all leaders who understand that, in the grand tapestry of business, culture is the thread that holds it all together.

As we navigate the complexities of the modern business environment, let us not forget that embracing the past can often illuminate the path to a brighter future. Nostalgia, in this context, is a valuable lens through which we can appreciate the enduring importance of people, culture, and values in our organizations.